Announces CBS FAN AWARDS; Vote Now thru 7/11

CBScom-Announces-CBS-FAN-AWARDS-20010101 today launched the "CBS Fan Awards," giving fans of CBS Television Network primetime shows a chance to vote for their favorite moments of the season, such as "Best Catchphrase," "Best Didn't See That One Coming Moment" and "Most Shocking Cliffhanger." Through July 11, users can go to to cast their vote on via Facebook or Twitter hashtag. Fans can return back to the page at any time to see which nominee is in the lead.

The "CBS Fan Awards" categories and nominees are:

Category: Best Meltdown Moment - #bestmeltdownmoment

1. MIKE & MOLLY - "The Wedding" #mikeandmolly
2. PERSON OF INTEREST - "Baby Blue" #personofinterest
3. THE AMAZING RACE - "Taste Your Salami" #amazingrace
4. THE BIG BANG THEORY - "The Recombination Hypothesis" #bigbangtheory
5. 2 BROKE GIRLS - "And the Really Petty Cash" #2brokegirls

Category: Best Catchphrase - #bestcatchphrase

2. HAWAII FIVE-0 - "Book 'em, Danno" #H50
3. THE BIG BANG THEORY - "Bazinga" #bigbangtheory
4. SURVIVOR - "The Tribe Has Spoken" #survivor
5. CSI: NY - "Boom" #csiny

Category: Best Didn't See That One Coming Moment - #bestdidntseethatonecoming

1. HAWAII FIVE-0 - "Kalele" #H50
2. PERSON OF INTEREST - "Root Cause" #personofinterest
3. TWO AND A HALF MEN - "A Possum on Chemo" #twoandahalfmen
4. BLUE BLOODS - "Moonlighting" #bluebloods
5. CSI: NY - "Means to an End" #csiny

Category: Favorite ROTFL Moment - #favrotflmoment

1. 2 BROKE GIRLS - "And The Very Christmas Thanksgiving" #2brokegirls
2. MIKE & MOLLY - "Mike Likes Lasagna" #mikeandmolly
3. RULES OF ENGAGEMENT - "Nature Calls" #rulesofengagement
4. THE BIG BANG THEORY - "The Transporter Malfunction" #bigbangtheory
5. TWO AND A HALF MEN - "The War Against Gingivitis" #twoandahalfmen