Before Treasure Island: 5 Reasons to Get Excited for New Starz Drama 'Black Sails'

Before Treasure Island: 5 Reasons to Get Excited for New Starz Drama 'Black Sails'

Starz is making a major push complete with HBO and Showtime in providing high-quality original programming. "Black Sails" is the latest product of this push. The creative forces behind the new series have assembled a wealth of talent behind the camera and in front of the camera to create an action-packed pirate drama that's sure to be a fan-pleasing experience from day one. "Black Sails" is a prequel to the classic novel "Treasure Island" and introduces Long John Silver in his early pirating career. Fans have five reasons to feel excited about this new Starz series:

1. It unfolds Long John Silver's origin story

Ever wondered how Silver ended up with his pegleg and eyepatch? How did he rise to become a successful and feared pirate captain? "Black Sails" will reveal the mystery behind those questions. Fans get to see what forces shaped Silver's career as a pirate and what episodes led him to lose body parts over time. Awaiting the answers will create excitement. Seeing Silver interact with other characters beyond Jim Hawkins will also be compelling.

2. Michael Bay is the executive producer

Michael Bay's success at the box office means good things for the life of this series. Bay has cultivated a following among movie audiences. The three films he directed in the Transformers franchise, for example, have generated more than $2.6 billion  worldwide in box office revenue since the release into theaters. One element that characterizes each of Michael Bay's movies is a liberal dose of high-octane action and dazzling visual effects. He knows how to create a fantastic visual world and bring his audiences right into the center of it. With Michael Bay in charge of production, “Black Sails” will have a truly cinematic feel even on a small screen, small budget.