BWW Recaps: Weapons of Class Destruction on New TEEN WOLF

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BWW Recaps: Weapons of Class Destruction on New TEEN WOLF

Greetings Cyclones Fans! We are back at Beacon Hills High for another attack by the Benefactor and his Minions, but before we jump into a contagion, let's look back and what we were left with last week. Derek and Malia and just discovered a big bunch of dead wolves in the woods, Meredith 'killed herself' (not convinced), D-E-R-E-K unlocked the final code for the kill list and the most unsettling teaming since Rachel and Joey, Kate and Peter, have formed a truce of sorts so she can learn control and he can gain power. Flawless plan as always, Peter.

This week, we immediately learn that the Orphans were not the last we are going to see of The Benefactor's team of assassins. This week's recruit is Evil Teacher. I don't know his name, so let's just call him ET, shall we? ET has received the instructions and sets forth some chemical warfare on our beloved Beacon Hills while providing another argument against standardized testing as well as no school on Saturdays unless John Hughes is involved.

Malia, Scott, Kira and Stiles are all at school to take the PSAT's when the symptoms start appearing. Apparently, Lydia's mom is an expert in diagnosing contagions and immediately contacts the CDC who arrive in what seems to be minutes to quarantine BHHS. At the hospital, Mama McCall has a similar case brought to her by Deaton and Satomi. Apparently the Orphans were just the beginning of the attacks on the supernatural population. This time, it's a virus...and it's weaponized. (Anyone else get really excited when they finally say the episode title in the episode? Just me? Ok...)

Recognizing that a transition could be approaching, Stiles and Scott decide it would be best to lock Scott and Malia in a safe place: The Vault! At the hospital, Ma McCall, Deaton and Satomi watch as Patient Zero dies. They realize they have little time to save the kids. Through a very strange and coincidentally helpful conversation between Derek and Satomi, Deaton realizes that the cure is an ancient tea that also has healing powers. And Derek has some in...that's right, THE VAULT! Too bad everybody in the vault is blind. Stiles left to go find Kira's father and winds up figuring out that ET is behind the whole thing. ET corners Stiles as he needs to find and kill the supernaturals as the Benefactor needs visual confirmation or ET doesn't get his money. (Yet ANOTHER reason teachers need to be paid better.) As ET holds him at gunpoint, Pa McCall shows up in the knick of time to save his life and kill ET. He also informs Stiles of the antidote. Stiles races to the vault to tell Scott who stumbles around after activating his red laser Alpha lenses and finds the magic tea which almost immediately cures the three supernaturals. Everyone is relieved except Malia who is PISSED! She's seen the list and knows Peter is her Daddy.

Things I Know:

  • Deaton can handle himself! I guess he would have to with the things he's seen. Bet he's missing inner-city Baltimore right about now. #thewireflasback

  • Liam and Mason are clearly too young to worry about PSAT's, but it still felt weird without them. I was just getting used to seeing them around.

  • I would certainly be dead in the vault. I really hate tea. #coffeeforever

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