BWW Recaps: IDOL Delivers All Kinds of Crazy on Elimination Night

BWW Recaps: IDOL Delivers All Kinds of Crazy on Elimination NightAMERICAN IDOL's Top-10 Week Elimination Show gave us more surprises than the rest of Season XIII combined. You know an hour of TV is going to be crazy when something called "I Luh Ya Papi" is only the second weirdest performance you will be subjected to all night.

At the top of the show, I have to say I really enjoy the videos of the contestants' post-show dinner party. It brings an added layer of personality and humor to each.

After an impressive quick change into bedazzeled denim, Jennifer Lopez performed her new single "I Luh Ya Papi" (yes, that's how it's spelled). Despite the annoying "scene" discussing the male IDOL contestants before the song, the only good thing about the performance was the ridiculously tight harmonizing of JLo and former IDOL standouts Jessica Sanchez, Pia Toscano, and, current Ricky Minor back-up singer, Allison Iraheta. While JLo sounded surprisingly good with the trio, when she transitioned to the main section of the song, she gave up on singing live and just shook her money maker and stuck her tongue out, à la Miley Cyrus. She does know that she is nearly 45 years old, correct?

In his Turn as a "tastemaker," Harry, of course, introduced us to a Louisiana-based band. Royal Teeth performed their single "Wild," which was nothing more than bizarre, hipster drivel that I am sure Harry Connick Jr. would never actually listen to. There is not a chance in the entire French Quarter that HJC selected this band to perform on IDOL.

Anyway, on to the business at hand:

Bottom-Three (in order of announcement)
Dexter Roberts
Majesty Rose (WHAT?)
MK Nobilette

MK Nobilette

Despite telling Ryan that she was sick and that she needed a pow-wow with Ricky Minor to discuss lyrics and pick-ups, MK gave a spirited rendition of John Legend's "All of Me." I think that if she would have performed like that during more of the competition, she wouldn't have been in the Bottom so often. But, despite the obvious pleading from a tearful Jennifer, Harry delivered the bad news that they would not be saving MK. While I thought it might happen tonight, it was the right move not the use the season's sole save on MK. There are four more opportunities to use it, and with Majesty again in the Bottom Three, it can't hurt to have it in the back pocket.

So, did America and the judges get this week's elimination right? Will CJ ever be eliminated? Did you understand anything about "I Luh Ya Papi" or Royal Teeth? Let me know in the comments below or on Twitter @BWWMatt. I will be back next week with a recap of Top-Nine Week.