BWW Recap: THE VOICE, Second Night of Live Performances Bring Out the Best in CeeLo and Christina's Teams

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BWW Recap: THE VOICE, Second Night of Live Performances Bring Out the Best in CeeLo and Christina's Teams

Alright everyone! Today is part two of the live performances, with Team CeeLo and Team Christina performing. Once again, each coach has five people currently, and will end up with three by the end of this week: Two that America chooses, and one that a coach chooses.

Christina and A Great Big World sing a world premiere performance. Is she trying to dominate the music world? If so, she's doing a fantastic job. This performance offered a completely different atmosphere than last night's performance with Flo Rida. This song is stripped down, with one of them at piano and Christina at a stationary microphone. We got to see a completely different side of her, a quieter, more indie side of her, which she completely rocked. Can we get more of this please?

CeeLo's team performed first, with Amber Nicole. She sang "Wasting All These Tears" by, ironically, Cassadee Pope. This was especially risky, since The Voice coaches watched Cassadee grow. Adam started off the judging, said that it was refreshing to see a different side of her. Christina loved the song choice, and what Amber Nicole was able to do with the song and made it her own rendition. CeeLo said it could have been nerves that made the note sharp that the coaches mentioned, and said that all and all she did a good job.

Next up, we have Jonny Gray, who sang "Bittersweet Symphony" by the Verve. Personally I don't know the song, and I found the song to be a bit boring. Adam started off the judging again, saying that he loved Jonny's rendition of the song. He said the song was hard to sing, but Jonny did a great job, especially with accuracy. Christina also acknowledged his accuracy, calling out that it may have been too perfect, but said that he did better and made it more his own towards the end. CeeLo complimented the sincerity of his voice, and that it was a great song choice for him.

Tamara Chauniece went next, singing "I Will Survive" by Gloria Gaynor. This is an especially tough song, since it's so iconic. My personal opinion is that she has the best stage presence of anyone so far, and despite the song Being iconic, she's added certain parts that made it hers. Adam said that this was a strong performance, and her best performance so far. Blake recognized that the song was a hard song to sing since it was such a classic, but she did a great job. CeeLo said that he loved that Tamara picked a song that would allow the audience to hear classic songs.

Kat Robichaud sang "She Keeps Me Warm" by Mary Lambert. Where the last time we saw Kat sing rocker songs for her previous rounds, this song shows off her voice in a different way, with an amazing message about love. She got into the audience, and even went into the audience to sing to a random person with so much love that the coaches thought it was her husband, which all of the coaches raved about. Adam said he wanted to see her in 'seventh gear' and missed her singing powerful songs. Christina agreed that she wanted to see more in Kat, but appreciated the nice performance, despite that she could have done more. CeeLo agreed with them, but explained that it was important that the audience saw both sides of a rocker.

The last performance from CeeLo's team is Caroline Pennell, singing "We're Going to Be Friends" by the White Stripes. While everyone else took the stage, she stayed stationary. It's obvious that her voice has matured greatly since the prerecorded part of the show. Adam said for the first time he saw only her in her rendition, not any influences he saw before. Blake compared her to cotton candy, saying that her voice is pure and wonderful. CeeLo said that he likes the ability to show the audience lesser-known songs, and that she did that, and sang incredibly well.

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