BWW Recap: SYTYCD Reveals Top-20 Amidst Ultimatums, Early Contenders & A Broken Tooth

BWW Recap: SYTYCD Reveals Top-20 Amidst Ultimatums, Early Contenders & A Broken Tooth

After four weeks of impressive, but not compelling, auditions, on Wednesday night, SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE's 11th season dove head-first into an expedited Vegas Callback Week. Not only did we see each of the callback rounds, but we also saw the Green Mile, which brought us to this season's Top-20. While not having the Green Mile lead into a studio performance, as in recent years, was a little disappointing, I definitely appreciated not having the Top-20 announcements drug out for an entire two-hour broadcast.

Having seen a select few contestants in multiple styles tonight, you can begin to see a handful of dancers that might have staying power. I will include some of my early picks at the end of the article as to not spoil the oh so dramatic results...

Joining Nigel Lythgoe and Mary Murphey on the Callback Judging Panel is SYTYCD regular Adam Shankman, All-Star tWitch, Olympic Gold Medalist Figure Skater Tara Lipinski, and famed ballerina Irina Dvorovenko.

I tried to Review as many performances as possible, but with the format of the Callbacks, sometimes that was tricky. Obviously they didn't show each performance in any round, so I recapped the performance they showed in full.


The Callbacks started with all 157 dancers performing their Solos.

Tanisha Belnap
Payson, Utah
Style: Ballroom
Three-Word Review: Typical Utah Hotness

Steven Kador
Baton Rouge, LA

Style: Hip-Hop
Three-Word Review: Holy Baby Daddy!

After the solos, 36 dancers were sent home, leaving 121 for the choreography rounds.

CHOREOGRAPHY CHALLENGE #1BWW Recap: SYTYCD Reveals Top-20 Amidst Ultimatums, Early Contenders & A Broken Tooth
Choreographers: Christopher Scott assisted by Jasmine Harper

Audition favorite Marie Poppins advanced by the skin of her teeth. Nigel said he thought her performance was terrible and chastised his fellow judges for putting her through. Nigel thought their lenience set a bad precedent. Then the very next, very blonde, dancer, Nigel gave a second chance...

"Dance For Your Life" Solo
Jessica Richens
Yorba Linda, CA
Three-Word Review: Wowza. Humina Humina.

Choreographers: Sonya Tayeh assisted by George Lawrence II and Amy Yakima

New daddy Steven Kador and Marie Poppins were both eliminated after rough performances in this round.

"Dance For Your Life" Solo
Jana "Jaja" Vankova
Chatsworth, CA
Three-Word Review: Un Flippin' Real

After the Jazz Round 65 dancers remained in the running for the Top-20.

BWW Recap: SYTYCD Reveals Top-20 Amidst Ultimatums, Early Contenders & A Broken ToothCHOREOGRAPHY CHALLENGE #3
Choreographers: Dmitry Chaplin & Anya Garnis

After watching SILVER LININGS PLAYBOOK, I knew ballroom was cut-throat but during the rehearsals, one dancer had half of a tooth knocked out when he got elbowed in the face by his partner.

Last year, despite making it to the Top-20, Emilio Dosal had to leave the competition before the live shows due to a broken nose suffered during rehearsals; a development that allowed finalist Aaron Turner into the Top-20. However, Emilio was back at the Callbacks and dancing the ballroom round with his crewmate Jaja. In full ballroom regalia, the crumper and the animator tore up the round, advancing to "The Dreaded Contemporary Round."