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BWW Recap - Has Mary Found Love on DOWNTON ABBEY?

BWW Recap - Has Mary Found Love on DOWNTON ABBEY?This week we pick up our story the morning after last week's tumultuous night of events. Anna is still understandably reeling from being raped and though Green will be leaving with the rest of the party, her torment is far from behind her and in fact it begins to bleed into her married life. Bates is still worried about his wife and his concern mounts when she continues to give him the cold shoulder. In Anna's mind, she has no option but to put distance between herself and Bates because as she tells Mrs. Hughes, "[she thinks] that somehow, [she] must have made it happen," and she "can't let him touch [her] because [she's] soiled".

On the contrary, Bates tells Lord Grantham that Anna "is incapable of fault" and therefore he must in some way be at the root of the friction between them. In fact, things have gotten so grim that Anna asks to move back into the servant's quarters and out of their shared home. Mrs. Hughes eventually acquiesces, but still hopes Anna will decide that going to the police and telling the truth will be the best course of action as Bates is devastated and perplexed by her sudden chilly attitude. However, Anna has convinced herself that the truth would only bring more trouble and tells Mrs. Hughes, it is "better [he has] a broken heart than a broken neck."

Mrs. Hughes finds herself in The Middle of another delicate situation. It seems as if something naughty did in fact BWW Recap - Has Mary Found Love on DOWNTON ABBEY?transpire between Tom and Edna the previous night. When she confronts him The Following morning, her true colors clearly shine through. This woman, as we slightly suspected last year, is completely unstable. Seemingly, her plan is to entrap Tom into marrying her by getting pregnant, or at least for the moment, "pregnant". Seeing no way around her madness and terrified by what she might do, he turns to Mrs. Hughes, the only other person aware of the two's dicey history. Dismayed though she is by his actions, Mrs. Hughes agrees to help him out of this mess. She calls Edna into her office to sort things out. Edna believes the two intend to pay her off if in fact she is pregnant. Mrs. Hughes, however, has another idea entirely in mind.

To put her in her place, she tricks Edna into admitting that there is in reality no baby of which to speak. In fact, she found a book about methods of birth control, Married Love by Marie Stopes (a pioneering figure in the field), in the lady's maid's room and furthermore, threatens to have the doctor examine her. Neither of these things could conclusively prove anything of substance in actuality, but cornered, Edna lets down her guard. On threats of a ruined career, she agrees to keep quiet, and submits her leave of notice to Lady Grantham, citing family troubles as the reason for her abrupt departure. This turn of events is seemingly advantageous for the the ever-cunning Thomas. His relationship with Edna seems to have soured, and when she is leaving he tells her that "[she is] a manipulative little witch, and if [her] schemes have come to nothing, [he is] delighted". Furthermore, he tells Lord Grantham that he already has a candidate in mind for her replacement, a woman who no doubt might fill O'Brien's shoes and prove a useful ally to him in the future.

Finally, Mrs. Hughes also shines some light into Carson's life by framing the photograph of his former love, Alice. After the two talk about her and how the recent revelation that she loved him back has changed him, Mrs. Hughes decides that having Alice as a constant presence in his life would be a positive influence on him. She hopes putting the picture on his desk will not only "[remind him he] once had a heart," but also will "reassure the staff to know [he belongs] to the human race."

BWW Recap - Has Mary Found Love on DOWNTON ABBEY?Things in The Kitchen are spicing up as the younger staff continues to play on each other's emotions. Whether or not Jimmy is genuinely interested in Ivy or just pretending to like her in order to rile Alfred up is still unclear, yet his plays toward her escalate this week from innocent flirting to sneaking away to snog in the boot room. Daisy, on the other hand, is still pining for Alfred and resents that he only has eyes for Ivy. When she witnesses Jimmy and Ivy sneaking off, she vindictively leads an unassuming Alfred right to them, hoping that seeing them together will once or for all put an end to his feelings. In fact, her plan works all too perfectly and comes back to bite her in the end. Alfred appears to be heartbroken, just as she had hoped, but instead of turning his affections toward her, he instead resolves to leave Downton in order to put his desire for Ivy behind him. When he finds an advertisement for a training school at the Ritz Hotel in honor of Monsieur Escoffier, he and Mrs. Patmore both see a golden opportunity. For Alfred, this is the chance to distance himself from Ivy and more importantly, to pursue a career as a professional chef. For Mrs. Patmore, it is the chance to distance him from Daisy, and help her to move on from this unrequited puppy love.

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