BWW Recap: GREY'S ANATOMY and Kepner's No-Good-Terrible-Very-Bad-Day

BWW Recap: GREY'S ANATOMY and Kepner's No-Good-Terrible-Very-Bad-Day

On last night's episode of GREY'S ANATOMY, what was looking to be Dr. Kepner's no-good-terrible-very-bad-day turned out to be Dr. Minnick's no-good-terrible-very-bad-day. Fittingly, the episode was titled "It Only Gets Much Worse".

With Meredith suspended, and Kepner now in as the interim Chief of General Surgery, Dr. Minnick is proceeding with 'phase 2' of her teaching program. In her new role, Kepner is now trying to help facilitate the implementation of this program and the other Attendings, specifically Maggie and Jackson are not happy about it. They each confront April about how she betrayed Webber and appears to be an opportunist for abandoning the resistance movement they had formed when a shiny new job got in the way. Not only has April been alienated by her peers, but her patient (formerly Meredith's patient) Lynne, is also none-too-pleased that Dr. Grey won't be there to see her surgery through. She repeatedly calls Kepner "Dr. Not Grey" (which is hilarious every time) and blames her when things don't go according to plan. The tipping point is when Lynne exclaims that Dr. Grey is nicer than Dr. "Not Grey". This is too much for Kepner, who emphatically points out that many comparisons can be made between her and Meredith Grey, but that of the two, Kepner is unequivocally the "nicer" one! Things are initially touch and go in her initial surgery, but Lynne pulls through and Kepner is able to remove her esophageal cancer. She does so after kicking Maggie off the case -which is fair, because Maggie was a bit of a distraction what with her repeatedly calling Kepner a traitor and all. The episode ends with Kepner finding a surprising ally in Catherine Avery, who points out that she understands where April is coming from because she always had to fight for her successes. She says that doctors like her son Jackson earned their successes, but they never had to worry in the same way that Catherine and April did because they always had a "safety net". She then invites April out for dinner to celebrate her new gig. And they go!!! This is an interesting development.

As "phase 2" of Minnick's program roles out throughout the hospital, two residents get the chance to run their own solo surgery from start to finish. The two surgeons selected: Ben Warren and Stephanie Edwards. Let's just say they have different experiences. Ben's surgery goes well, however it is tainted by the fact that his entire "first solo surgery" (the quotations will be explained in a moment) is spent listening to Bailey and Webber bicker about what it means to be a good teacher and whether or not Bailey thinks Webber is a good teacher. Ben points out that regardless of who wins the argument, neither of them was a good teacher today, and that it kind of ruined Ben's experience of having his first solo surgery. "You only get one" he somberly says. The thing is...hasn't Ben had a couple now? Wasn't his entire storyline last season based on the fact that he took the initiative to perform a surgery without waiting for an Attending...and after that didn't go well, wasn't his entire redemption storyline about performing a solo surgery on April to save her baby? I mean, yes, those weren't hospital sanctioned surgeries...but it is quite a statement to say "You only get one" when you are Ben Warren! He isn't wrong about Bailey and Webber being ridiculous though, and it was good that someone called them on it.

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