BWW Recap: Broadway's Patti Murin Breaks Down Finale of First 'Real' Season of THE BACHELORETTE

BWW Recap: Broadway's Patti Murin Breaks Down Finale of First 'Real' Season of THE BACHELORETTE

BWW Recap: Broadway's Patti Murin Breaks Down Finale of First 'Real' Season of THE BACHELORETTE

Tonight, Broadway's favorite cheerleader, Patti Murin, is sharing her expert insights into "The "Bachelorette" season finale. Did Andi give her final rose to Josh or Nick? Did he accept it? Did he propose? And what is this secret letter that Chris hands Andi before the Rose Ceremony?

No matter what the answers to these questions are, Patti has all of the scoop with the insight that only a true Bacheloretteaholic can have. If you like what you seen in this column, you must head over to @PattiMurin and check out her live-tweets. Needless to say, Patti's not much for holding back; and that's why we love her!

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Ok, enough from us, you are here for Patti, so take it away...

So here we are, after 26 potential mates, 4,237 roses and 56 continents, at the season finale of the latest edition of "The Bachelorette." Having seen every single season of this franchise, I can say, with authority, that this has been one of the most "real" in the history of the show. "The Bachelorette" has a working brain, there was an actual conversation about Syria, and one of the contestants died a tragic death halfway through filming. It was a gentle reminder that these characters we watch on reality TV shows are, indeed, human beings. But despite all of that, there was still plenty of fun and romance to be had as we watched Andi Dorfman, a 27 year old District Attorney from Atlanta, decide who she wanted to give the final rose, and her heart, to. (That was so cheesy!!! Love it.)

The episode begins in true "Bachelorette" Finale fashion, with a live audience full of coiffed women with sympathetic faces they have practiced in the mirror all week, secretly hoping the reject will notice them, and Chris Harrison teasing the upcoming episode until he essentially gives away the ending. He mentions that the man Andi DIDN'T choose has attempted to talk to her twice since she dumped him, and we instantly know that Nick is going to lose because he is obviously a professional stalker. End of recap, goodnight all!

Just kidding, we still have an hour and 56 minutes to go! We are whisked away to the Dominican Republic, with its sweeping beaches, crystal clear water, and general similarity to every other tropical location they have ever visited. We are down to the final two men competing for Andi's love, and first up to meet the family is Contestant #1, Nick, who is a 33-year-old Software Executive from Wisconsin. I've never trusted Nick, with his beady eyes and general murderer vibe, but Andi seems to genuinely enjoy his company and the "passion" that they share, which apparently doesn't translate through TV cameras. Nick arrives at the Casa de Campo, where Andi is staying, and greets Andi's dad, Hy, with a bottle of rum of some sort. This is smart considering that Hy proved himself to be a real tough customer last season when Andi brought Juan Pablo home to meet her family on one of his Hometown Dates. Conversation at lunch with Andi's parents and sister is stilted, and the silence is only filled by Nick's self-deprecating humor. Andi seems to think it's going well though, and soon after Nick makes Andi's mom (her name is Patti!) cry with joy, he and Hy go around the corner to have the requisite father/possible son-in-law talk. Nick could not be more awkward as he giggles his way through asking Hy for Andi's hand in marriage, and shockingly, Hy says yes without a fight. Guess that bottle of Mama Juana worked.

Next up is Contestant #2, Josh, who is a 29-year-old Former Pro Baseball Player from Atlanta. Not a Pro Baseball Player, but a FORMER Pro Baseball Player. Josh hasn't dropped a single clue all season as to what he does now to make money, but baseball is obviously a very big part of his past, so we don't ask questions because he blinds us with his beautiful smile and perfect hair and rippling muscles and what were we talking about?

Josh does well with the family at lunch at the Casa de Campo and obviously has a very easy rapport with Andi. He welcomes any question that the family has for him, and answers them directly and confidently. Josh has his time with Hy, which Hy precedes by telling us that he doesn't know a lot about Josh. "You went off and went after your dream, and then you went back to college, and now you've started a career, and now you've gone and done this, and you've met Andi, sounds to me like you're ready to sort know..." Which tells us absolutely nothing new, but Josh impresses Hy enough that he gives Josh his blessing and a man hug. Cut to a wide shot as they walk back to Andi, and we see that they accidentally wore the same blue shirt/white shorts combo to lunch. Adorable! Well, they do say that you end up marrying your dad.

The next day, Andi goes on her final date with Josh, which, like most dates in tropical locations, starts off on a boat. The words "journey", "process", and "chapter" are used no less than 72 times, and Josh's white teeth and perfectly shaped eyebrows threaten to steal the show. Andi is still having doubts and uses the phrase "too good to be true" enough that it becomes the new "here for the right reasons." They continue the date back in his palatial suite at the Casa de Campo (yup, that place again) and Josh reassures Andi that he has absolutely no doubts about her and how he feels about her, all while rocking a pair of coral man pants that should be retired faster than Derek Jeter's number. I have to say, though, it's refreshing to see someone on this show resembling a real man who knows what he wants and isn't afraid to ask for it. Good work, Josh.

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