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BWW Recap: Bates Learns the Truth but 'Nothing Is Over' on DOWNTON ABBEY


BWW Recap:  Bates Learns the Truth but 'Nothing Is Over' on DOWNTON ABBEYAs this week's episode begins, we see a disgruntled Mr. Bates emerging from his cottage as Anna is seen attempting to cover the bruises and scars left behind from the horrific sexual assault by Mr. Green she faced a few weeks prior. Mr. Bates greets Anna that morning, and desperately begs Anna to tell him why things have been so cold between them. Anna darts away from him and to her duties; Mr. Bates is visibly upset. A bit later on, Mrs. Hughes and Anna converse in the hallway. Mrs. Hughes attempts to persuade Anna to tell Mr. Bates what happened to her, but Anna refuses, fearing he will react harshly and end up in jail once more. She feels she would rather be distant from him than ruin his career. However, Mr. Bates overhears the conversation, and is now more suspicious than ever.

Meanwhile, Cora has a new lady's maid named Mrs. Baxter, whom she appears to be satisfied with. Baxter moves her sewing machine into the servant's hall, for there are no outlets in room; she does most of her work there.

Robert is "summoned" to the library by Mary and Tom; they wish to speak to him about a long- time tenant who has been failing to pay his rent. They believe the best course of action to take is to foreclose on the lease. Robert isn't fond of this plan, but nothing is finalized in that meeting. At this time, Robert shows Mary Lord Gillingham's engagement announcement; Mary seems almost on the verge of tears, despite her previous rejection of him. The BWW Recap:  Bates Learns the Truth but 'Nothing Is Over' on DOWNTON ABBEYnext day, Robert attends the funeral of the tenant Mary and Tom wish to evict. There he meets the tenant's son, Mr. Drewe, who desires to take on the lease and manage the land. Initially, Robert tells him he cannot stop the foreclosure, but Mr. Drewe eventually wears him down by reminding him that his family has been tenants since the Napoleanic Wars.

Mr. Drewe arrives at the house the following day to speak with Robert, once again bringing up how long the partnership between the two families has lasted. Robert agrees to lend him enough money to pay the necessary rent. He tells Mary he will be keeping on Mr. Drewe, but leaves out the part about him lending money.!

In the Crawley home, Isobel decides to help a young man from the local village named Mr. Pegg find a job as a gardner at Downton. Unfortunately, she does not have a place for him at her home, so she approaches Violet about the matter. After much prodding, she convinces Violet to hire Mr. Pegg as a an under-gardner.

We later see an exchange between Mrs. Baxter and Thomas; Thomas warns Baxter not to make any enemies downstairs, insisting that was "O'Brien's mistake". He also asks her to tell him everything that goes on upstairs, and it appears that he has something up his sleeve. Baxter explains that she is just happy to even have this job in the first place.

In the midst of all of this, The Kitchen staff is helping Alfred prepare for his test to get into the chef-training program at the Ritz School in London. Alfred prepares a dish in The Kitchen that everyone enjoys, and Mrs. Patmore is impressed with him. A letter arrives from the Ritz stating that his test will take place in two days time, and Alfred makes plans to travel to London.

In the library, Mary, Cora, Edith, and Rose decide to begin making plans for Robert's birthday party; Mary insists they deserve to have a little fun. On an aside, Edith has not heard from her love Mr. Gregson in a while, and appears to be growing concerned.

BWW Recap:  Bates Learns the Truth but 'Nothing Is Over' on DOWNTON ABBEYDownstairs, Bates approaches Mrs. Hughes. He demands for her to tell him why Anna has been so distraught lately, for having overheard the conversation between Mrs. Hughes and Anna, he is certain she knows something. When Mrs. Hughes refuses, he claims he must resign in order to leave Anna in peace; he believes she doesn't love him anymore, and his presence is burdensome for her. Mrs. Hughes, feeling guilty, assures Bates that Anna does indeed love him, and he would hurt her more by his leaving than staying. She agrees to tell him of Anna's tragedy. However, she tells Bates the culprit was an outsider rather than admit the truth; it was the malicious Mr. Green. Afterwards, there is a heartbreaking shot of Bates exiting the room and breaking down in the hallway, clearly astonished at the suffering he didn't know his wife was facing.

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