BWW Recap: BIG BROTHER Evicts Another House Guest

BWW Recap: BIG BROTHER Evicts Another House Guest

Can we just start this recap by establishing that Julie Chen looked great in that red dress? Then again, doesn't she always look good? I guess that's how it works when you're married to one of the bosses of CBS. Moving along now, last week it was a double eviction week (Jacosta and Hayden were both sent packing) and ever since then, the house seems to be in shambles. With everyone starting to turn on each other, I don't think there's a single person who feels safe.

Let's begin shall we?

Nicole never it saw it coming when former friend and ally Christine put her on the block during this past Wednesday's episode. Clearly shaken up, Nicole confronts Christine with the intentions to clear the air despite the fact that she practically just got stabbed in the back by her BFF in the house. It didn't take long for Christine to quickly throw the house under the bus, claiming she was pressured to put her up making Nicole instantly suspicious of a possible alliance she doesn't know about. Nicole dear, I think you may be a little too late with catching onto that.

Though she was put up on the block, Nicole refused to go down without a fight and started making the rounds to the House Guests seeing if she had the slightest chance of survival. During a separate conversation with Christine, Nicole took the route of planting the idea that Donny is a bigger threat than herself, and that she can be more of an asset than enemy to Christine's game. Well it must have been one heck of a sales pitch because Christine wasted no time making her way to Derrick and Cody in the backyard. After sharing some of what Nicole said, Cody brings up the fact that Donny has just been skating by all Summer (and I can't help to think he's doing the same, and Victoria as well for that matter). Even Derrick (who seems to be playing the best game at this point) starts to doubt if the bearded man can be trusted or if he's just playing a game that no one knows about.

If I were in the house I would just want to evict that stupid blue scarf Caleb is always wearing around his head and call it a day.

As part of their reward from the "Battle of the Block" competition, Caleb, Frankie, and Christine were able to leave the house and go on a trip to the Dallas Cowboys training camp. They spent time with the Cowboys staff as well as players, and to be honest, I think Caleb had a bigger crush on the Cowboys owner than he did Amber.

After the clip of the trio at training camp, it was a live shot of the House Guests and classic Chenbot went right to asking the them the awkward, on-the-spot questions. The one that stuck out is when Julie asked Zach where he and Frankie stood after their recent blowup. Zach's response was basically he still hates everyone just Frankie the least. Promising no? Onto the live eviction...

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