BWW Interviews: Broadway's Patti Murin Talks to THE BACHELORETTE Runner-Up Nick Viall

BWW Interviews: Broadway's Patti Murin Talks to THE BACHELORETTE Runner-Up Nick Viall

BWW Interviews: Broadway's Patti Murin Talks to THE BACHELORETTE Runner-Up Nick Viall

When we asked Broadway's favorite cheerleader Patti Murin, to recap "The Bachelorette" Season Finale for BWW TV, we knew that she was going to be full of (really funny) opinions. But, man did she have some strong thoughts about sore-loser runner-up Nick Viall. To read all of Patti's thoughts on Nick, and Andi and Josh, check out her recap.

So, when we asked Patti to represent BroadwayWorld on a conference call with Nick the day after the finale aired, we weren't sure what we would get. Even though Patti was extremely professional, we think there might have been a bit of passive-aggressive insinuation in her question. What do you think? Also, Nick sounds like he is pretty nervous during this call. Do you think it might have something to do with completely breaking The Fantasy Suite's strict "What Happens Here, Stays Here" policy on national TV?

Last night, I spoke to Patti about her up-coming cabaret solo-show debut "Literally Patti Murin," coming up on August 11th at 7:00pm at 54 Below, and it is going to be fun! You aren't going to want to miss this concert folks, so get your tickets here, and check back with BroadwayWorld on Friday to find out all about the show and her favorite flavor of Lay's potato chip

We saw you try to go on "Men Tell All," and I was just wondering, was that planned by you, or is that something that ABC asked you to do?

Nick: I reached out to (Harrison) through my contacts. I mean, I don't have his mobile number, but I just wanted to talk to him, and I knew the rules, and I wanted to respect the process, and I didn't make any attempt to reach out to her directly.

What I did, as I mentioned last night, was really hoping to have an opportunity to speak with her directly, and not have to wait 10 weeks, because I had, you know, these real emotions and feelings about the situation, and I wanted the opportunity to express them to her.

Are there any regrets about going there?

Nick: No, no, I mean, I really appreciated (Harrison) being willing to give her that letter, you know. It's certainly important to me, and I wanted, just again, to express to her how she made me feel, you know, how important it was to me, and that I wasn't upset, or that I wished her well.

But at the same time, like, it was a very special relationship to me, and so I wanted an opportunity to express that to her.

Were you shocked to learn that Andi never loved you at all as she said? And do you think she was just saying that as to not hurt Josh's feelings, because obviously you made it clear that she made you feel extremely confident in the idea she loved you in return?

Nick: I was - I don't know if I was surprised by her answer. I guess what I was most surprised about... I was more taken aback by how cold she seemed even from when she first came out.

I mean, she certainly made me feel that way and I think - one thing I said to her was there was that moment when I told her I loved her in the ocean and her initial response was to throw her head back in frustration and say, I wish I could say things back.

And I mentioned that to her and she nodded her head yes, like she remembered that moment and we're just like, I know you're not supposed to assume but - so that was very surprising.

She certainly made me feel very much when it was all happening that she did feel that way about me.

So, it wasn't necessarily her answer, because again, she's in a very serious relationship with Josh, and I want to respect that, but I was surprised just how cold it came across.

OK. And you know, there's been a lot of backlash out there on social media of people saying you just wanted to humiliate Andi by revealing that you two had sex and that it was an ungentlemanly move. How do you respond to that, and do you regret disclosing that info now, or do you think, well that's a little bit her fault, because she had the chance to meet with me before the live show and she never gave me that opportunity?

Nick: Yeah. You know, I definitely wish I would have had that opportunity in private to have that conversation. And I did not go into last night anyway expecting that to come up, or ask her.

And again, I think I was just so caught off guard by her demeanor and that answer and again, again, to me it wasn't necessarily about the sex, but just the level of intimacy about that night and given the situation at the time, where we both knew, for example, that she couldn't say things back, and I made it very clear to her where I was, and my feelings for her, and what something like that meant to me.

And as I said last night, I have no expectations about that night and again, I was just more surprised by what seemed to be very cavalier about that. And I think I was so off-guard that it just kind of came out.

And I certainly - the only thing - if I had was I didn't want it anyway to humiliate her, or make her feel that way. And I feel very sorry if she did feel that way, and that makes me sad.

But it is the conversation that was - I wanted to have and it's a question, I think you know as a couple, when people break up, it seems that's all the questions that people want to know, when a certain level of intimacy is shared and it seems (very meaningful) and then it's almost treated as if it isn't by the other person, that's something I think two people would discuss.

And unfortunately that was my only opportunity to do that, but certainly nothing that I would, in a million years, have planned to talk about that. But I think I was just so caught off-guard.

Would you want to be the Bachelor?BWW Interviews: Broadway's Patti Murin Talks to THE BACHELORETTE Runner-Up Nick Viall

Nick: You know, right now, that's not something I even think about. I think anyone would be incredibly lucky to be asked, but right now, you know, I think I am working through this.

And I have accepted (Andi's) decision... and I am moving on, and, you know, I surely brought back in that moment. And I think a lot of motions kind of get stirred up, but, I think, right now I'm just trying to, you know, move on with my life and I'm looking forward to finding that person.

And I haven't given too much thought but it; would certainly be -- I think anyone would be incredibly flattered to be considered.

So I just want to ask, did you want ABC to show the letter that you have written?

Nick: We didn't talk about it too much. I'll say this, I was in no way ashamed of what was in the letter. And I knew by giving it to her that was a possibility, and I accepted that.

And now that everything is kind of said and done, down the road, do you think you'll be able to friends with Josh and Andi?

Nick: I'm sure. I hope so. I mean again, you know last night it was a little bit of unexpected. I (simply) wish him all the happiness in the world. Josh, for much of the time before things got a little awkward, he was a very close friend of mine.

And I think the world of him, and I think the world of her, you know. It's a difficult situation for all of us, and I don't have any resentment or anger towards them, and it was a difficult situation.

And you know it still makes me sad, and I still hurt, and heart breaking about it, but, you know, that doesn't mean I don't wish them all the best. And it would be, you know, I do in a lot of ways miss that friendship I had with Josh, and I don't know if it will ever be the same, but it would be cool if we could all get to that point where it was possible.

Are you sad that you didn't get a chance to say goodbye to her on a happier note?

Nick: Yes. Not truly disappointing. I was really hoping, you know going into that, it was important to me to express to her how she made me feel. I wasn't sure if she read the letter, and if she did, I was hoping to show appreciation for her reading it, and I did want to, you know, I didn't really know... I didn't really have a lot of questions at that point, because I didn't think anything -- any answers.

You know it's more like -- it wasn't about meeting her to answer questions, it was about meeting her to express how I felt, and that's with the letter ended up being, so YES it's really unfortunate.

It does make me sad that I couldn't to say, "Hey, listen, you know I wish you all the best and you have a great guy, and Josh, "I'm sorry if it didn't work out, but I am not angry or anything."

And you know I was at the time it happened a little disappointed with how things played out, and some of the things that she said, and honestly the things that we did, are still hard to live with.

But, you know I also know that it was a difficult situation for her, but that's why I wish I had that opportunity to talk to her.

And maybe a more private setting, because, I was upset. It's just, I wanted to talk through with her and I wanted to express to her how I felt. You know, like, I think any couple or any former couple would do in a serious relationship.

It sounds like you're still feeling some heartache over this, are you still in love with Andi now?

BWW Interviews: Broadway's Patti Murin Talks to THE BACHELORETTE Runner-Up Nick ViallNick: You know, I think last night was, you know a lot of closure for me. Again seeing her demeanor with me, I don't know, you know, kind of where that came from, I mean before I ask the question.

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