BWW Exclusive: GREY'S ANATOMY Cast Interviews & Panel Recap from Paleyfest

BWW Exclusive: GREY'S ANATOMY Cast Interviews & Panel Recap from Paleyfest

BWW Exclusive: GREY'S ANATOMY Cast Interviews & Panel Recap from Paleyfest

BWW TV had the chance to catch up with several members of the GREY'S ANATOMY cast on the Paleyfest Red Carpet and then get some scoop from the official Panel discussion. Here is a transcript of interviews with: Jerrika Hinton, Jason George, Kelly McCreary, James Pickens Jr., Giacomo Gianniotti, Chandra Wilson, Caterina Scorsone and Debbie Allen and some tidbits from the panel.

Jerrika Hinton (Dr. Stephanie Edwards)

BWW TV: So Stephanie had an interesting solo surgery that quickly turned devastating! Will that affect her confidence level? Will we see it impact her moving forward?

Jerrika Hinton: I'm not sure if it's the confidence level that's affected, but its just kind of questioning the approach to the job and just 'what is it that we're doing'. It's a bigger question than just personal confidence and like how this is affecting me. It's one of those existential questions. That's the zone that she goes into.

Jason George (Dr. Ben Warren)

BWW TV: I've noticed that Ben has become the guy who, in the middle of a surgery is the one to tell the others to stop bickering and focus on the patient. What is it about Ben that makes him that guy?

Jason George: I think more than anything, Ben is a grown-ass man! (Laughs). Ben was a doctor already. He's been through a version of this before-granted, not for surgery but for anesthesia. So I think having been there, you know, a lot of these folks were his peers as opposed to his teachers...and then he went back to school. So to a degree, he's got that weird balance. It's the same thing that causes him problems when problems come down the line. By the way, once you face the full on raging Bailey, he is kind of ready for anyone or anything.

Kelly McCreary (Dr. Maggie Pierce)

BWW TV: So...Maggie's mom is coming back! What can we expect from that? Can you share anything?

Kelly McCreary: Well Maggie's going to find out that her mother has been sick and it's a double wammy-there's the fact that she's sick, which is frightening and scary and sad, but there's also the fact that she hasn't known...and other people have.

BWW TV: And that's bothered Maggie in the past about other things.

KM: Yes! And Maggie really struggles with that.

BWW TV: Ok, I love the Sister Lady Chief Trifecta. Can we expect more scenes with the three of you?

KM: Yes! You know, in times of trouble, people lean on our family and so when Diane comes in, it's a time for everybody to really rally around Maggie.

James Pickens Jr. (Dr. Richard Webber)

BWW TV: The look of utter heartbreak on your face when you walked into that room and saw Arizona...

James Pickens Jr.: Oh ya...

BWW TV: Is Webber going to have a friend to lean on?

JP: He will. Obviously that was a little betrayal there. He felt it was a betrayal. But I think the bigger picture is trying to get these doctors in line. Obviously the insertion of Eliza Minnick and her way of teaching is obviously diametrically opposed to mine. But I think in the end, we both want the same thing. We want great doctors. She's going about it her way and I'm going to go about it my way. I feel very strongly that my way is the best. And she does as well with her way. I think it will play out with me trying to bring her into my fold. I think it will come to a happy medium.

BWW TV: It will be exciting to see how you get there!

JP: Thank you.

BWW TV: So our Broadway World readers would love to know-Do you have any plans to hit the stage in New York any time soon?

JP: I would love to! I would love to. I've been away for a little while. That's where my background is...on Broadway and I'd love to get back there and do something. Always [the issue] with me, it's been the window of time [needed], but I'd love to get back there!

Giacomo Gianniotti (Dr. Andrew DeLuca)

BWW TV: So on a scale of 1 - 10, how big is Andrew's crush on Jo.

Giacomo Gionniotti: Twenty.

BWW TV: Do you think she knows

GG: She definitely knows. I think we've seen that she knows on the show. He's sort of hinted at it with "you deserve better" and all that.

BWW TV: I mean, you shared a sandwich with her!

GG: Ya (laughs) Camilla and I joke that every scene we have together, we're eating and that by the end of the season we're just going to be these enormous cows.

BWW TV: That's amazing! That's right! There was a scene with cookies too!

GG: So ya, I think she's aware that he likes her, but since he hasn't out-right forced her to deal with it, like "hey, I like you...what do you think about that?" He hasn't been that direct, that we haven't really seen it come to fruition. I think by the end of the season, we're going to see that be resolved.

BWW TV: Any scene you're in now with Alex is automatically awkward and interesting. Are we going to see more of them? I just love that dynamic now.

GG: It is. It's fun to play, certainly when they are forced to be together in a room and obviously they would love to be in any other room but that one. I'm hoping that they can sort of repair that because before that, he was a really great mentor for him. It seems like [Andrew] is a natural in Pediatrics and obviously Alex is amazing in Pediatrics so I think there could potentially be a great teacher in him and then a great student teacher relationship [could come] out of that.

Chandra Wilson (Dr. Miranda Bailey)

BWW TV: So..Bailey's had an interesting season. I don't think she regrets the decisions she's made but do you think she regrets the way she went about doing it or do you think she's like "No. I'm a Dragon, and this is right for the hospital"

Chandra Wilson: She doesn't regret a single thing! (Laughs). Decisions have to get made and sometimes they're hard and it doesn't matter if there's some Katherine influence in there. It's very important for her to stand firmly in the position that she's in-firmly in the title, and it's very important that as far as everyone else is concerned, these are her decisions and she's gonna stand by them and everyone else is gonna come along-even if it's kicking and screaming.

BWW TV: She is the Chief!

CW: Yep!

BWW TV: So our Broadway World fans would love to know-Any plans to hit the stage any time soon?

CW: Oh my gosh. I can't wait for whenever the next opportunity is. I'd love to get back and work (laughs) so whenever I can find the time to get in!

BWW TV: Are you directing any more Grey's episodes this season? I loved the last one you directed, episode 5.

CW: I do have my next episode is coming up in about 3 weeks I think. I do two a season. I believe the next one is 19 or 20.

Caterina Scorsone (Dr. Amelia Shepherd)

BWW TV: What can we expect to see next with the Owen and Amelia situation?

Caterina Scorsone: I think it can't get much worse so it's gotta get better...right? I mean, we've gotta do something! (laughs). I know that in the episode that's coming up next, they make contact. They do end up talking about their stuff for the first time. I don't think they're going to get all the way through it in the next five minutes, but at least they're in the same room and they're starting to kind of discuss.

BWW TV: So I believe Amelia may be the only character in the history of TV to start out as a main character on a spinoff and then move to the original show!

CS: Really! That's incredible!

BWW TV: There are also almost 2 types of Grey's fans...the ones who are intimately familiar with your character's backstory and then the ones who aren't...

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