Antonio Saillant's Angel Light Pictures Launches Planet Greenfest

Antonio Saillant's Angel Light Pictures Launches Planet Greenfest

Founded in 2011 by Antonio Saillant, Angel Light Pictures is now celebrating its third year by a climate march for the history books.

As New York -- indeed, the world's -- indie film sector seeks ways to maintain a sustainable business model, Angel Light Pictures is a pointing to possible green solutions.

Now three years later, it has launched the just-announced Planet Greenfest. According to Saillant this will spread his green message to the world, to create a new sustainable world -- through the festival, which will feature short films, 15 finalists, outdoor screenings, lectures and live bands.

Saillant's welcome message to participating filmmakers:

As the world's only green, short film festival, we welcome all filmmakers to participate and become leaders in one of the most important issues of our time "Going Green." We will teach the concept of "Learning from Doing" in film. We are preparing the next generation of green filmmakers to be environmentally responsible, so that all communities will be safe, healthy and the earth's bounty will be preserved for future generations. We will make ecologically responsible decisions by creating and developing films that are 100% green. Planet GreenFest will become a teaching tool.

Antonio Saillant is not as famous as Leonardo DiCaprio, Mark Ruffalo, Evangeline Lilly but was among the famous faces at Sunday's large march in New York City where the World leaders were at the United Nations to talk climate action. And tens of thousands of people from across the globe took to the streets demanding a plan.

The marches took place ahead of a United Nations summit on Tuesday, during which world leaders are set to discuss climate change organized the events with more than 1,000 environmental groups.

Saillant feels, Enough talk, we need political will at all levels of government to cut carbon emissions, advance clean energy, and protect our communities from a changing climate. We need THE CALLING for world leaders to take action against global climate change.

Saillant has done a lot during his time as an Energy Consultant but is committed to making the movie business sustainable and is working towards a greener world through clean, green and sustainable energy in the energy hungry movie industry.

Publicist, producer, director, filmmaker and energy/green activist Antonio Saillant, who lives in New York City, could well be called a Renaissance man - a man with many passions and talents in the ever-changing entertainment world. Yet he admits that he will tackle anything that will make him happy. As long as it includes creative, passionate, talented people with good character that are realistic about how the business works.

Saillant has begun his producing career, forming Angel Light Pictures Entertainment Group (ALPEG), and producing low-cost/high quality Indie Features. Angel Light Pictures Entertainment Group also expresses Saillant's vision and PASSION for creating energy efficient movies and television. Saillant says, "The motion picture industry is such a large user of electricity for its sound stage shooting and diesel fuel for its location filming [that it is a clear target for energy conservation.]" He says: "In THE PAST decade, I've combined my knowledge of the energy business with the entertainment industry in hope of contributing to a green planet." Saillant sees himself as a mentor and an educator for these filmmakers. Saillant is very optimistic about the impact of these films -- he expects that the festival will eventually go global.

Saillant says, "I plan to take what I have learned in the energy business and apply it to the entertainment industry, in the hope that this experience will inspire other filmmakers and also our partners, vendors and audiences as well." He also stated that, "Involving the entertainment industry to creating a lot of buzz in the Green Initiative, in hopes that the audience will get inspired from the experience, follow our lead and set the bar even higher in the years ahead."