Angel Light Pictures to Produce Documentary THE APPRENTICESHIP OF TED KOTCHEFF

Angel Light Pictures to Produce Documentary THE APPRENTICESHIP OF TED KOTCHEFF

Angel Light Pictures announced that they will produce THE APPRENTICESHIP OF Ted KOTCHEFF, a documentary about the life of Ted Kotcheff (William T. Kotcheff). The film will track the cinematic journey of the legendary Canadian film and television director, by Antonio Saillant in his debut as a director (Heterosexual, The Ascension).

Antonio Saillant will also be the executive producer for THE APPRENTICESHIP OF Ted KOTCHEFF. Tony Timpone as producer, Canadian writer Gerald Wexler will write the script. The composers will be longtime collaborators William Goldstein and Thomas Kotcheff, Ted Kotcheff's son.

William Goldstein, a MOTOWN recording artist/composer and producer, has received Emmy and Grammy nominations for his scores for many films, including Fame, Hello Again, & Shocker. Thomas Kotcheff, a doctoral candidate in music composition at the University of Southern California, studies with Stephen Hartke and Donald Crockett and manages USC's contemporary music ensemble USC Thornton Edge. Tony Timpone was the longtime editor of both Fangoria Magazine and its website, He began working with the publication in 1985 and continued there until February 2010. Afterward, Timpone began running Fangoria's Video-on-Demand. Since 1998, Montreal's Fantasia film festival has engaged Timpone as Co-Director of International Programming. In the autumn of 2004, he served as a producer on Bravo's five-hour documentary series The 100 Scariest Movie Moments. Timpone has been a frequent media spokesman for the horror industry, appearing on MTV, Nightline, Geraldo, Entertainment Tonight, Showbiz Today, CBS Evening News, and numerous documentaries.

THE APPRENTICESHIP OF Ted KOTCHEFF recounts fifty years of William T. Kotcheff's remarkable life journey. The film will be an intimate portrait of one of the most influential filmmakers of our time as he follows his dreams from Canada to London to the US. This personal and professional biography features clips of Kotcheff's path-breaking movies. His colleagues and fellow moviemakers will also share their experiences and memories of Kotcheff through candid interviews.

For those unfamiliar with Kotcheff's work, this film will expose them to the artistic energies and influences that inspired him. For fans it will be a unique look into the man they thought they knew.

Ted Kotcheff, born in Toronto, Canada in 1931 to Bulgarian-Macedonian parents, is a graduate of University of Toronto. Kotcheff, who began his life's work at the Canadian Broadcasting Company (CBC), at 24, became the youngest drama director in the country.

Kotcheff's directing career can be tracked across Canada, to England and tithe U.S.A. and back. Over the years he has garnered dozens of prestigious awards including Canada's only Golden Bear win from the Berlin Film Festival for the Canadian classic, The Apprenticeship of Duddy Kravitz (1973). Now digitally restored, Kotcheff's brilliant former roommate, Mordecai Richler, wrote the film. Duddy Kravitz won the best Canadian Film Award (now Canadian Screen Awards) and in 2013 it was declared a Cannes Classic.

Kotcheff directed Edna, the Inebriate Woman, which swept all the British Emmys in 1970 and was voted one of the BFI's [British Film Institute] Best 100 Greatest British Television Programs of the 20thCentury. His Australian film, Wake in Fright, which received extraordinary critical acclaim at the 1971 Cannes Film Festival, was declared a second Cannes Classic in 2009. His many critically-acclaimed and popular films include: First Blood, North Dallas Forty, Joshua Then and Now and the cult classic Weekend at Bernie. Most recently, Kotcheff was Executive Producer on the top-rated TV series "LAW & ORDER: Special Victims Unit" for twelve seasons.