Anderson Cooper, Kathy Griffin to Co-Host CNNs New Year's Broadcast

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It's a tradition like no other, Anderson Cooper and Kathy Griffin will once again be on the platform in Times Square, delivering laughs, and sometimes gasps, to ring in the new year on CNN. The party continues for the sixth year this Monday, December 31 at 10 p.m. ET.

"As always, I await New Year's Eve with Kathy Griffin with grave reservations and tremendous fear, and I want to apologize in advance to anyone she may offend/assault/attempt to kiss," Cooper said in a statement.

Joked Griffin, "I don't know what Anderson has been doing this past year. I assume he has been sitting, eating Bon Bons in his mother's apartment [while] watching reality TV, while I was helping spread democracy in Egypt or Syria or whichever.

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