American Survivor of Algerian Gas Plant Attack Set for CBS's 60 MINUTES, 2/10

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He, too, was able to eventually run to a hole in the fence and escape to safety.

Frazier, a BP petroleum engineer, was on a bus that had just left the facility when the bullets began ripping through the vehicle's windows. After a mad dash for cover on the floor of the bus, Frazier was surprised by what followed. "It was very silent, very organized. It was as if we had trained for it, but we hadn't," he says. "You could hear bullets starting to hit the side of the bus. And it wasn't one, two, or three bullets. It was... hundreds. I texted my wife, 'The bus is under attack. Call the embassy. This is real. Do not call me,'" he remembers. Watch an excerpt.

Then, a 30-minute gun battle began between their attackers and Algerian army soldiers who came to defend them. "They saved our lives," says Frazier. "They returned...heavy, heavy gunfire...they stood by the bus and shot back and kept the terrorists from getting onto the bus," he tells Rose. Then, says Frazier, the soldiers turned back another attack before taking the riders to safety.

In addition to Rowan, two other Americans were among the 37 foreign workers who lost their lives in the attack on the In Amenas facility on Jan. 16. They are Victor Lovelady and Frederick Buttaccio.

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