ABC News & Yahoo Stream Live Coverage of State of the Union Today

ABC News & Yahoo Stream Live Coverage of State of the Union Today

ABC News and Yahoo! News will stream live, anchored coverage of President Barack Obama's State of the Union address and the Republican response across, Yahoo! News,, ABC News' iPad & iPhone apps, ABC affiliate websites, ABC News Mobile properties as well as on the ABC News YouTube channel.

ABC News' and Yahoo! News' special, live-streamed coverage of the State of the Union kicks off tonight, February 12 with a 10-minute pre-show at 8:50 p.m., ET, followed by continuous coverage of the President's speech and a 30-minute post-show leading into the Republican response delivered by Senator Marco Rubio. The ABC News-Yahoo! News live stream will be anchored by ABC News' "GMA Weekend" anchor Dan Harris along with Yahoo! News' Chief Washington correspondent Olivier Knox. ABC News' team of anchors and correspondents will contribute to special live-stream coverage throughout the evening, including:

"World News" anchor Diane Sawyer
"Good Morning America" co-anchor George Stephanopoulos
Senior Washington editor Rick Klein
Senior national correspondent Jim Avila
Senior political analyst Matthew Dowd
Political analyst Nicole Wallace
Correspondent Reena Ninan
Digital correspondent Dan Kloeffler

Coverage will also feature social analysis and on-the-ground reporting from Yahoo! News' Jeff Greenfield, Beth Fouhy and Phoebe Connelly, along with a lineup of special guest contributors.

On Wednesday, February 13, ABC News and Yahoo! News will stream a special post-show "After: The State of the Union 2013" at 10:00 a.m., ET, anchored by ABC News' Dan Kloeffler with social analysis from Yahoo! News' Phoebe Connelly in New York.

ABC News is committed to reaching viewers wherever and whenever they demand information. Throughout the evening, the ABC News Political Unit will provide extensive coverage of the State of the Union and the Republican response across and Editorial content will also include live updates, photo slideshows, original videos, factoids and interactive infographics, including a linear and traditional word cloud highlighting key State of the Union terms commonly used by past presidents, from Ronald Reagan to Barack Obama. Each day leading up to President Obama's State of the Union address, is engaging political experts and Washington insiders, asking a different newsmaker about what they think "The State of the Union is...".

The ABC News iPad App will offer tablet users complete access to the co-produced live stream, including three simultaneous live video streams and a continuously updated social feed powered by Storify. To deliver the whole picture to viewers, the ABC News-Yahoo! News live stream will combine interactive elements with social media surveys and other Unique Features to engage viewers on the issues that matter most to them. The special live stream feed can be found on, located at, and will include:

Breaking hashtags: A tool that allows viewers to search trending topics and the latest, most interesting discussions on Twitter.

Google hangouts: Live Google hangouts with key audiences (e.g. students, Latinos, military, LGBT) across the country featured on Google+ and within the ABC News-Yahoo! News live stream.

Detailed social analysis to track the hottest topics that resonate most with viewers.

Dynamic surveying powered by GoPollGo: An interactive feature that provides state-by-state results as users weigh in on questions and key issues throughout the State of the Union. Viewers can share and compare their opinions with other users throughout the evening.

A detailed calendar on the live stream page highlighting President Obama's speech and the Republican response, led by Senator Marco Rubio.

A re-cap of the entire speech and all the key moments throughout the State of the Union will be available on-demand across and ABC News mobile properties, including detailed analysis and social commentary.