ABC News Launches Midterm Election Race Project 14 FOR 14

ABC News Launches Midterm Election Race Project 14 FOR 14

This week ABC News launches "14 For 14," a new project documenting the 14 key midterm election races that matter most between now and November 2014. ABC News' cross-platform project will feature a dynamic list of campaigns -- limited to 14 at any given time -- that individually and collectively provide a big picture look at where the country stands and where America is headed in 2015. In addition to the top races of the year, ABC News "14 For 14" will also offer a closer look at the colorful cast of candidates and their colliding ambitions as they vie for control of the national agenda.

The "14 For 14" project kicked off on Sunday with ABC Senior Washington Correspondent Jeff Zeleny's comprehensive dive into the hyper-competitive Arkansas Senate race, which aired on "This Week with George Stephanopoulos." After hitting the campaign trail with Democratic incumbent Sen. Mark Pryor and Republican challenger Rep. Tom Cotton, Zeleny reported how the race represents the "front line in the fight for control of the Senate."

This year, all 435 House seats will be filled, along with the 36 Senate slots. In addition, 36 governors across the country are scheduled to be elected. The ABC News Political Unit has selected the 13 must-watch races heading into November (SEE THE COMPLETE RACE LIST:, leaving the 14th spot open for our audience to decide. From now until Friday, January 31st at noon ET, viewers can get involved and vote on the final race. ABC News will then announce the winner once voting ends after January 31st.

ABC News' "14 For 14" project will also include a robust online component, a one-stop destination where political junkies can access the complete list of races selected by ABC News. This week, ABC News will release at-a-glance snapshots of the top races to watch in 2014, compiled and reported by ABC News' all-star team of political reporters. Extensive coverage and updates to the 2014 race snapshots will also be available online throughout the year, along with fresh details, reporting, up-to-the-minute stats and factoids.

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