60 MINUTES SPORTS to Cover Prospects of Body Monitoring Sensors, 5/7


60 MINUTES SPORTS to Cover Prospects of Body Monitoring Sensors, 5/7

Someday soon, as professional athletes Suit Up for their games, their uniform will include a sensor to monitor heart rate, body temperature, physical SPEED and other physiological measures that affect their performance. That's where early adopters of sports data, like Miami Heat player Shane Battier, believe the trend called analytics is going. In fact, many teams are already using so-called "wearable tech" in practice. In a story titled "Numbers Men," Armen Keteyian reports on the increasing use of analytics in sports, particularly pro basketball, where a data camera system is now used in every game and every arena, on the next edition of 60 Minutes SPORTS, airing Wednesday, May 7 at 9:00 PM ET only on SHOWTIME. Watch an excerpt.

Battier has been using data about his opponents' playing tendencies for years to help him adjust his game. Both the quality and quantity of that data have reached unprecedented levels, he says, and are headed even higher. "Everyone is eventually going to have a chip... on their jerseys at some point," says Battier.

Brian Kopp of the sports analytics company STATS is at the forefront of the trend. He convinced the NBA to mount a data collecting camera system called Sport VU in all its arenas. The system collects more than a million data points in each game, tracking every movement of every player on the floor, plus the ball. Now STATS is partnering with companies that make wearable tech. "One we're working with is actually... a wearable patch... And what that's collecting is your heart rate, your body temperature, how well you slept last night... your readiness and your recovery," he tells Keteyian. "That's what everyone's gearing towards... it's all about making sure you're in the right position to perform."

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