Exclusive Art Exhibit on Loan from Dawson Cole Fine Art Debuts at The Ritz-Carlton, Laguna Niguel

The Ritz-Carlton, Laguna Niguel Club Level has established itself and become known across the globe for providing exceptional customer service personalized for each guest. Now guests staying on The Ritz-Carlton Club Level at The Ritz-Carlton, Laguna Niguel have the exclusive opportunity to experience the "Summer Memories" exhibit featuring two renowned artists - Jin Wang and Carolyn Reynolds. The exhibit, on loan from Dawson Cole Fine Art, will be on display in The Club Lounge through January 4, 2017.

Carolyn Reynolds
"The hummingbird follows a compulsion that carries it 3,000 miles from the snow-melt of Canada to the flowers of South America. And it does this every year of its life. I have been following my own compulsion since I can remember, absorbing the qualities of morning light in Bali, the colors of the Pacific Ocean, following my own invisible path leading to where I now paint; my studio in the historic California Mission landscape of Fallbrook. There, surrounded by old growth Oaks, I continue to stalk the movement of light and its play with nature using gold and silver leaf, and extensive layering of oil paint. I have been painting professionally for 40 years, showing my work in galleries from Paris to California to New York, but the essence of it is simple, that what you see before you is a visual chronicle of my creative compulsion, which now includes the collaborative artistry and world experience of my sons, Eon, Satya and Gabriel Burchman. We hope to share with you the experience of our wanderings, like that of the hummingbird, through the reflective images of our art." ~ Carolyn Reynolds

Carolyn Reynolds has been painting, drawing and sculpting since she was a child. World renowned for her luminous landscapes on gold and silver leaf, Carolyn is claiming her corner of the art market as master and creator of a technique known only to her. Graduating from University of California Irvine with a BFA Fine Art and Art History, Carolyn believes her nature themed pieces bring a healing quality, as well as a sense of wellbeing, harmony, and tranquility through her subject matter and use of color. Having been commissioned to do an Asian themed art piece Carolyn fell in love with gold and silver leaf as a medium. She now works almost exclusively with the medium. The physical process begins with coating and sanding the canvas until it becomes a silky surface. A terra-cotta clay or red paint is painted underneath to give a warm feel to the gold. Once this is complete, the artist lays the gold or silver leaf, and coats it with layers of varnish. Using the finest quality sable brushes, Carolyn paints layer upon layer of paint and varnish developing the image until it culminates in a moment of lighT. Reynolds has been exhibited in California museums, featured in many one-man shows throughout the United States and is in the Permanent Collections of corporations worldwide including The Ritz-Carlton, Comerica Bank, and the Marriott Corporation.

"Every single painting is 90 percent experiment and 10 percent of what I've learned. I cannot guarantee that every painting will turn out, because I don't want to set up that much control. I have great admiration for historical painters who developed a style and yet, each piece remains individual." ~ Jin Wang

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