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  • Why Joan Rivers Died  Sep 15 2014, 01:56:46 PM
    The thing about her saying no is that they asked before the procedure whether she would consent to the biopsy-and she would not consent (is that not the same as saying no?).

    I think that what was done is very suspect-endoscopies are very routine procedures and can easily be done without hurting the patient.
  • Why Joan Rivers Died  Sep 15 2014, 01:22:40 PM
    I was wondering that, too, Cats. (I was talking to a lawyer about this as a what if and he said it's not necessarily negligent homicide. I'd sure like to know what it is then-not only was this guy NOT supposed to be there, but I daresay had he not performed a procedure that she didn't authorize, she might still be alive. It wasn't his decision to make. Period.)
  • Why Joan Rivers Died  Sep 15 2014, 12:48:58 PM
    Pal Joey-I read somewhere that she was asked for permission to perform the biopsy and said no. If they can prove that these doctors took it upon themselves to do this without her consent (she did sign off on an endoscopy I read-but that doesn't include a biopsy), then they're looking at the negligent homicide (which is what I tend to think happened). Why they couldn't leave well enough alone I will never understand. (She may have had a reason for saying no.)

    PJ-Also-not only would the d
  • Why Disney characters rarely have mothers.  Sep 12 2014, 10:58:39 AM
    In Mary Poppins, the children sure have a mom.

    In Dumbo it's all about a mom and a son (and their eventual reunion).

    True, there are a lot of stories in Disney without female figures-but a lot of the source material doesn't have them either. (Cinderella-the father is a widower; Little Mermaid-she's never mentioned in the original; Snow White-She does die (they mention that); Frozen is an anomaly because they deviated so much from the original); Maleficent there is indeed a mot
  • Reese Witherspoon IS Peggy Lee  Sep 9 2014, 02:00:46 PM
    Reese was amazing as June-and she's the one with the Oscar. (I thought she was pretty amazing in Walk the Line-they should've given Joaquim the Oscar, too. The chemistry between them was incredible.) I'll be interested to see her as Peggy Lee, who I enjoyed as a kid.
  • 2014 US Open  Sep 6 2014, 05:08:38 PM
    I want Nishikori. It would be cool to have someone from a country that's never won a men's title in this to get it. He's also really good.

    Things not looking good for Roger...Cilic v. Nishikori...hmmmm

    (FYI-Nishikori has defeated Roger on hard surface...)
  • 2014 US Open  Sep 6 2014, 04:02:11 PM
    I loved watching Nishikori win. He played really well and I think perhaps the momentum could be in his favor. (I know, Federer, but this guy really played brilliant tennis.)

    I'm in Kai's corner. He is fun to watch and seemed like a cool guy in the interview.
  • Your Favorite Joan Rivers One Liners  Sep 4 2014, 04:36:15 PM
    "My vagina is like Newark. Men know it's there, but they don't want to visit."

    I love that. I actually heard her utter those words-it was sooo funny and I totally thought it was amazing that a woman (who not a couple of seconds before had been sitting near me) was uttering those words (this was in my younger days...).

    I must say I have a special affinity for this one (since I truly detest Justin Bieber):

    "I said Justin Bieber looked like a little lesbian -- and I stand
  • Rest In peace Joan Rivers  Sep 4 2014, 03:47:34 PM
    That's probably how she'd want it, too-she wouldn't want her family to get bogged down in sorrow.

  • God to Joan Rivers: Whose face are you wearing?  Sep 4 2014, 11:54:28 AM
    I'm not a lawyer but I work in the field. I am also very familiar with this procedure (I haven't had it myself, but a grandmother with COPD sure has-and she's still here). If someone is to blame, I just want to see them unable to harm anyone else.

    My thoughts and prayers to Melissa. Maybe she can find solace in how much joy her mom brought to others.
  • God to Joan Rivers: Whose face are you wearing?  Sep 4 2014, 11:32:39 AM
    Robbie-I'd say brava except she had no pre-existing conditions going into this. The clinic messed up on a very routine procedure. And what's potentially scary is that Broadway and operatic performers have this done a lot. I mean this could have happened to anyone. I'm not convinced age was a factor here. All indications were that she had no health issues going in. I'm guessing the inspectors will release their findings.

    Sure 81 is good (my two grandmothers are older-one is old enough t
  • God to Joan Rivers: Whose face are you wearing?  Sep 4 2014, 10:29:11 AM
    Well it's too bad. I thought she was going to pull through. But, it's best for her to slip away quietly. Maybe we can all chip in and get the Beech for a memorial?
  • God to Joan Rivers: Whose face are you wearing?  Sep 4 2014, 08:46:27 AM
    I haven't seen anything recently.

    I'd thought the report that she wasn't brain dead was a positive thing.
  • God to Joan Rivers: Whose face are you wearing?  Sep 3 2014, 04:15:54 PM
    Be nice. Even if you don't care for her material, understand she's got a family who loves and cares about her. She's a tough lady-and there is reason to hope she might be ok.
  • God to Joan Rivers: Whose face are you wearing?  Sep 3 2014, 12:14:36 PM
    Echoing PJ. It would be fun for those of us pulling for her to get the chance to see her together.
  • We are all St. Louis Ram fans  Sep 3 2014, 11:23:47 AM

  • God to Joan Rivers: Whose face are you wearing?  Sep 3 2014, 11:14:43 AM
    I will go to her first NY gig after she's out. PJ-please join me!
  • God to Joan Rivers: Whose face are you wearing?  Sep 3 2014, 10:45:23 AM
    PJ-I really want to do that!!! I just would love to!!! SO IN!!!

    And not if...when!!! She's a tough lady!!!
  • We are all St. Louis Ram fans  Sep 3 2014, 10:39:43 AM
    No I've no desire to go to Texas either (except Austin-which is a little different). My relatives moved there from the north (they're in Houston) and they HATE it.

    That said, I know there is a gay community there. It doesn't make it a tolerant place as a whole or the locker room of the Cowboys team an inviting place-that culture is very different than the gay club scene.
  • We are all St. Louis Ram fans  Sep 3 2014, 10:10:29 AM
    Ouch. He's not going to fit in there. (To my knowledge, Tony Romo isn't the most accepting fellow and Dallas is really not gay friendly. MOST of Texas (Austin is the exception) is really not friendly to the LGBT community.)
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