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  • President Elizabeth Warren?  Oct 31 2014, 04:16:18 PM
    PalJoey-That is right at this moment Remember the last time Hillary was 'supposed' to win? I do. Someone came out of nowhere and won. That could happen-politics changes very quickly. Let's not count some other contenders out. (God, I hope there is someone else. I hate Hillary and will never, ever vote for her.)
  • President Elizabeth Warren?  Oct 31 2014, 11:55:26 AM
    How about the Democrat from Florida, Bill Nelson? He's a southerner who is wildly popular in Florida (a big swing state). I am very familiar with him because I used to live there and my family is there. He is indeed popular and a moderate to balance her out politically.

    I love Warren. She's my pick.
  • 16 Charts That Explain the 2016 Election So Far  Oct 31 2014, 11:52:19 AM
    I just can't get behind any of these people. Where's our dark horse?
  • BWW Hall of Fame  Oct 27 2014, 11:38:30 AM
    That animal thread would be my pick.
  • President Elizabeth Warren?  Oct 23 2014, 03:22:19 PM
    Well I for one would vote for Portman over Hillary.
  • President Elizabeth Warren?  Oct 23 2014, 02:01:55 PM
    Regarding Rob Portman as a crossover candidate: Due to the very nature of the state where he is from, he needs to appeal to a broad range of voters (including Democrats and Independents). He has worked across party lines while in the Senate and is a moderate voice. The worst thing the Republicans could do is get some divisive Tea Party candidate.
  • President Elizabeth Warren?  Oct 23 2014, 12:38:02 PM
    Well, Phyllis in my post above, it is more grammatically correct because I wished to express there might only be a single candidate for VP who was a woman. However, I erred when describing the Presidential counterparts. So, the clause: "two male [Presidential] candidates and a female [Vice Presidential] candidate".

    Thanks for checking the grammar. Men and women candidates don't make grammatical sense. It should be male and female as those are adjectives here.
  • Are Airline Loyalty Programs Unfair?  Oct 23 2014, 12:05:43 PM
    I love True Blue as well. I use it all the time.

    I think Loyalty Programs are really first world problems, though-they're a perk-not a requirement-that airlines offer.
  • President Elizabeth Warren?  Oct 23 2014, 12:04:49 PM
    Typically, I'm a centrist. But I won't vote for Hillary. And there's always the apathetic voters-the people who would rather not vote at all than vote for Hillary.

    I don't think Rand Paul is going to get the nod over Portman. Portman has a lot of crossover support-something Paul does not.

    I still think it's going to be 2 men and a female VP. Hillary couldn't close the deal before and time has not been kind.
  • President Elizabeth Warren?  Oct 23 2014, 11:39:50 AM
    There are people in their 20s and 30s (cough cough) who are equally dissatisfied with the Democratic party and for whom a centrist like Portman (who works on a bipartisan platform-he has a lot of Democratic constituents) would be a welcome change.

    Hillary ain't electable-too much controversy and hatred for her. The sexagenarians think she's great but I think the younger crowd doesn't like her much.

    America isn't ready for a double female ticket-and Warren and Clinton aren't po
  • President Elizabeth Warren?  Oct 23 2014, 11:23:30 AM
    Erik-I'd vote for Portman before Hillary. I just can't trust her. And she's had so many opportunities and I feel as though her time has passed. It's time for some new voices.
  • President Elizabeth Warren?  Oct 23 2014, 10:27:10 AM
    I don't trust Hillary at all and refuse to vote for her. She is just too fickle on issues that matter to me.

    I am just sick of people telling me I should vote for Hillary because she's a woman and I'm a woman. (My response is 'there are better women out there'. (I love Jennifer Granholm, but she was born in Canada, even though she grew up here, she's ineligible to ever be President. I also love Warren, but unfortunately, she's unelectable-she's too liberal for most people. She'd be my
  • Malice Aforethought  Oct 21 2014, 01:22:09 PM
    Yes! I'd love to know!
  • As the San Francisco Giants  Oct 20 2014, 01:44:32 PM
    And KC and opera fans are coming together to get MLB to allow Joyce DiDonato to sing the National Anthem at one of the games at KC. I'm hoping the outpouring for her gets her the chance she so wants. Ms. DiDonato is a truly gifted singer, a KC native and lifelong Royals fan! (Who says opera stars don't follow sports?)

    I think that's much more fascinating than the song being banned.
  • Malice Aforethought  Oct 17 2014, 01:03:51 PM
    PJ-how is criminally negligent manslaughter different from criminally negligent homicide? (This sounds really like the latter-she didn't consent to a biopsy-in writing anyhow-and if that was ruled a factor, wouldn't the doctor-who wasn't even supposed to be there, much less performing an invasive biopsy-be responsible? (And I guess I'd think the photo is pretty damning evidence too.))
  • Israelis and Palestinians join forces to combat Ebola  Oct 16 2014, 02:37:25 PM
    Talk about the pot calling the kettle black. Geez.
  • Israelis and Palestinians join forces to combat Ebola  Oct 16 2014, 11:18:42 AM
    I agree Gaveston. I am a Christian-but a liberal one. I don't like extremists of ANY denomination-they make me very uneasy.
  • 4th grade test from Christian school  Oct 7 2014, 01:24:42 PM
    The dad indicated she's a high functioning student. Maybe she's not really he just thinks so. "She is ahead of most of her peers and also is taking Latin there."
    I suppose it was too much inference on my part to think she might at least belong in a gifted program.
  • 4th grade test from Christian school  Oct 7 2014, 12:58:00 PM
    I can't believe he's letting her stay there the rest of the year. I'd take my kid out right away. (They can put her into a gifted program at a public school at least.)
  • Gone Girl  Oct 6 2014, 01:24:54 PM
    I didn't care as much for the film as everyone else here, entertainment value aside. It was entertaining and a fascinating pot boiler and all that. It wasn't that difficult to figure out that her story didn't match up. Also, I am guessing the writer doesn't like marriage very much. It will probably win a few awards, but I personally was touched more by a totally different film, Pride, than this, which I expected a lot out of and it failed to deliver.