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  • God to Joan Rivers: Whose face are you wearing?  Sep 1 2014, 04:37:29 PM
    PJ-I remember that. She's genuinely a tolerant, sweet person who's used her fame for good. I hope that she can pull through.
  • New musical about glittery disco star Sylvester  Sep 1 2014, 12:12:22 PM
    I thought it was very, very close. Is it exactly the same? NO. But, he really is terrific and captures the essence of Sylvester beautifully. His voice is quite close (IMO, he sure sounds more like Sylvester than Jessie Muller does Carole King).
  • God to Joan Rivers: Whose face are you wearing?  Sep 1 2014, 11:50:32 AM
    Funny, I've always noted what a friend to the LGBT community she is. I don't know about that story, but I've never seen or heard her act in a homophobic manner.
  • New musical about glittery disco star Sylvester  Sep 1 2014, 11:43:43 AM
    Jane-I saw this last summer and it was AMAZING. I'm planning on going back. Anthony Wayne is absolutely incredible-he has a gorgeous voice. I'm hoping this launches him into the stardom he deserves. He's very gifted with a lovely voice and incredible stage presence.
  • God to Joan Rivers: Whose face are you wearing?  Sep 1 2014, 08:30:23 AM
    I hope so, growl. I have only tried to be positive-because my interaction with Ms. Rivers has been nothing but and I am hoping that the tough lady pulls through. As I said, my grandmother had brain surgery and had all kinds of complications and they told us she was dying-she is still here. She lives on her own and is just fine. And she didn't take nearly as good care of herself as Ms. Rivers appears to.

    NOTE: In the encounter I described above, what made it special was that all the peop
  • God to Joan Rivers: Whose face are you wearing?  Aug 31 2014, 09:20:49 PM
    Is it common to put people back in a coma? I'd think that if she didn't present well, her family would do what was best for her.

    I know someone who was in an induced coma and woke up. They are a functional, productive member of society. It's not impossible. I know that age is stacked against her...but I have watched a grandmother who was in worse health prior go through brain surgery and have all kinds of complications...and she's independent and does really well. (And she's older.) Th
  • God to Joan Rivers: Whose face are you wearing?  Aug 31 2014, 08:57:59 PM
    Re: Being brought out of the induced coma, it's a little soon to know whether it's good or bad. I suppose it could be seen to be good. I tend to think it's good that they're doing that. We'll see I guess.

    I'm hoping she holds on. She seems like a tough lady, maybe she has a shot.
  • Namos Thread  Aug 30 2014, 10:27:46 PM
    I'll always treasure the night she came and sat with me and a bunch of other fellow theater fans and dished theater (not in her persona-but as Joan, the theater fan). She was so funny and sweet to us.

    I will miss her and my thoughts and prayers are with her family now as they face the terrible decision they have to make.
  • Horrible coming out footage  Aug 28 2014, 04:49:56 PM
    That's terrible. I hope he's okay and that he got out of there and to someplace safe.
  • Karma stops Joan Rivers's breathing  Aug 28 2014, 01:05:42 PM
    I like her. She's very funny and I've actually met her in person-she was really sweet and gracious.

    Those nasty comments are just cruel. How would you like it if it was your relative and people were saying things like that?

    I wish her a speedy recovery and hope she gets back on stage soon! I was looking forward to seeing her live. (I loved listening to her commentary about theater-this was a little venue.)
  • Israel-Hamas Long-Term Truce Signed !  Aug 26 2014, 04:51:06 PM
    My best friend in college was a Muslim. She was not a Jihadist. You really shouldn't use words you don't understand.

    I feel there are two sides to this crisis and clearly the Jewish people in the region and their leaders aren't without their share of the blame. Please try to see both sides.

    I think each group needs to recognize their own responsibility (personally, I'd like a day when they just learn to live together. The land really should belong to everyone, IMO.)
  • My dog has developed a severe limp  Aug 26 2014, 12:56:19 PM
    How old is doggie?
  • The Shooing of Michael Brown  Aug 26 2014, 11:18:33 AM
    "Also how many unarmed white teens get gunned down by police in the middle of the street for shoplifting?"

    Yup that is what I keep thinking over and over. When are we going to quit being a racist nation? NEVER most likely.

    And crimes AGAINST African-American MALES go largely unprosecuted as well as those committed against Hispanic males. (Read Sr. Helen Prejean's books-Dead Man Walking and The Death of Innocents-more than just talking about her own journey to opposition of
  • Conference Call Programs  Aug 25 2014, 01:48:45 PM
    We use Unlimited Conferencing and have for years. It's really reasonable.
  • Toaster Strudel Boy  Aug 17 2014, 01:29:29 PM
    He looks like the male equivalent to the Swiss Miss girl, ja.
  • Annie Lennox to release ANOTHER covers album  Aug 14 2014, 10:04:52 AM
    Annie Lennox always amazes me because she is a song interpreter-she is able to give old material a new meaning, or take it and re-invent/re-interpret it. I'm willing to give it a listen (and her voice is unlike anyone else's-I grew up loving the Eurythmics and Diva is one of my favorite albums. That said, Medusa is still a brilliant album.) We'll see how she does. I'm game.
  • list of 20 most LGBT friendly, unfriendly colleges  Aug 12 2014, 10:57:45 AM
    Islander Fan-Smith is on that list, Mount Holyoke isn't (undeservedly so). Mount Holyoke is much better at fostering dialogue between the LGBT community and the straight one. Smith has a real problem because not only do they not allow trans gender women, but there is a great deal of hostility between the LGBT (it's really lesbians and I guess bis) community and the straight one on its campus-and I've witnessed it.

  • list of 20 most LGBT friendly, unfriendly colleges  Aug 11 2014, 11:33:41 AM
    That Bob Jones sounds like where I work-I can't wear pants except on Fridays. I have had this talk with the boss who says that all women's pants look like jeans and that unless I want to sport a three piece suit (now mind you this office (I work in law) does most of its work via telephone and internet) I would be wearing skirts and dresses.
  • list of 20 most LGBT friendly, unfriendly colleges  Aug 11 2014, 08:21:23 AM
    Mount Holyoke DOES admit trans women-we had some in my class (nice ladies all). Yet another reason my beloved alma mater should be on that list.
  • list of 20 most LGBT friendly, unfriendly colleges  Aug 10 2014, 07:18:34 PM
    Mount Holyoke should be on that list before Bryn Mawr. It is extremely LGBT friendly (I'd argue as much so as Smith).