March 14
7:49 2014

France's Opéra de Lyon will perform its multimedia opera - the story of Steve Jobs with Henry V, taken from Shakespeare's 1599 play. Check out a sneak peek below!

co-production with the Theatre de la Renaissance , theater and music scene agreement with Oullins-Grand Lyon, the Opéra-Théâtre de Limoges and IRCAM . Through the Biennale Musiques en scene .

The opera made ??its fire beings torn and links they have with the world Steve Jobs, Henry V. The book is composed on two biographies, two routes, close, and yet separated by five centuries: two words, two ways to confront the reality by inventing. Steve Jobs painted what Shakespeare called "the brightest heaven of invention" and the fate of the Silicon Valley face the historical epic Henry V; economic warfare, commercial and technological front in the war of the piece of iron in the piece of flesh corporate strategy to deal with war strategy. Steve V (King Different) is a "multimedia opera" Roland Auzet which, as usual, the subject imagined, designed and produced the music setting director, in cooperation with Fabrice Melquiot. A title that brings together two great figures of history, Steve Jobs, the king of computers, and Henry V, King of England, which almost wear the crown of France. This is a chamber opera devoted to digital adventure XX th century, loosely based on the life of the founder of Apple, and the hero of the drama that Shakespeare devoted to the winner of the battle of Agincourt. "Two kings who doubt, two separate beings, two times two bodies, say the authors: Steve Jobs, or how to reconcile the role of boss, but just ruthless, and virtuous human condition. How to create objects destined to become lifestyles? How to wear the body of the modern world and the disease in his body? Henry V, the king hard, inspired and imperfect Shakespeare. Whoever, at Agincourt, fought alongside his men, still doubt them and himself, who gave the most honest and patriotic warriors cries without ceasing to make his voice in question. "The show is based on the historical Shakespeare which are extracted fragments that authors include a text and present music, including rap and classical orchestra, an opera spoken and sung , trivial and lyrical, medical and warrior where technology is poetry, poetry technology Composer and director who defines himself as a "writer plateau", director of the Théâtre de la Renaissance Oullins since June 2011, Roland Auzet is 48 years polymorphic artist. In particular, he directed several art projects in collaboration with circus performers, visual artists, choreographers, directors. He founded the company in 2000 with Opus Act-which is in residence at the Espace des Arts in Chalon-sur-Saône between 2005 and 2011. He composed and staged projects, built from texts of Ovid, Maurice Dantec, Eduardo Arroyo, Rainald Goetz, Melquiot Fabrice Laurent Gaude. His twenty musicals and stage works are for him all means of public awareness of contemporary music and address the fundamental issues of life.



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