Paul Potts and Friends Presents International TV Show Winners Live in Concert at Montecasino Tonight

James Bhemgee, Amira Willighagen and Paul Potts
James Bhemgee, Amira Willighagen and Paul Potts

For the first time ever, three international TV talent show winners, from different parts of the world, will appear live on one stage in a unique and highly appealing show. Paul Potts (BRITAIN'S GOT TALENT), Amira Willighagen (HOLLAND'S GOT TALENT) and James Bhemgee (SOUTH AFRICA'S GOT TALENT) will grace the stage at the magnificent Teatro at Montecasino with their powerful performances in what promises to be a special two concert experience tonight, 16th August at 8pm and Sunday 17th August at 3pm.

Three winners, different people from different walks of life, all had one thing in common: they dared to dream! And in doing so, each overcame various difficult challenges and today they live their dream of singing and performing for appreciative audiences. This has further developed the careers of all three artists who have also become recording artists.

Paul Potts amazed the judges (including the super-critical Simon Cowell) with his performance of 'Nessun Dorma' during his audition for the first BRITAIN'S GOT TALENT Show, which he went on to win. His success story has been captured in an inspiring and feel-good film, ONE CHANCE, which was released in South African cinema's in April this year. Since winning the competition six years ago, Paul has found worldwide success with his albums, live shows, tours and charity work across the globe.

The youngest-ever winner of the same competition in Holland, nine-year-old Amira Willighagen, totally astounded judges with her mature, pure and incredibly strong rendition of 'O Mio Babbino Caro'. This instantly won for her a spot in the final, where she claimed the ultimate prize in December 2013, and collected more than 20 million YouTube hits. This exquisite 10-year-old captured the world's imagination with her amazing talent to sing classical music, after having taught herself how to sing by watching YouTube videos.