BIO: Personal information I'm 19 years old. Music is my passion and my songs are like a journal. My songs reflect all my feelings and emotions of what happens to me or what I imagine or dream of. My favori... (read more...)

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10/30 @ 12:05 AM
TiffanyAlvord - There's a bug flying in my room & its freaking me out. At first I was hearing a cat but then it sounded like a crying baby... idk
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10/30 @ 11:34 PM
TiffanyAlvord - Who will comfort me when all is lost #iwillmissyoubatcat may someone find & give you a new home. <3
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10/30 @ 11:21 PM
TiffanyAlvord - So I found out yesterday was national cat day... & batcat ran away & hasnt been seen for 4 days ???? #batcatcomeback!!!
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