Willis Earl Beal, Mary Gauthier, Nicholas Payton & More Get June-July 2014 Releases on CD Baby

Willis Earl Beal, Mary Gauthier, Nicholas Payton & More Get June-July 2014 Releases on CD Baby

CD Baby is the largest distributor of independent music on the planet. It's the home of more than 300,000 artists. The CD Baby catalog makes up an estimated 17 per cent of iTunes track offerings. CD Baby is a distribution partner for many musicians who have become icons in the new music industry. Bon Iver's Justin Vernon and Macklemore both had their start on CD Baby and their catalog titles are still offered. Other artists, like Ingrid Michaelson and Gregory Alan Isakov have maintained independent and highly successful careers even as they've continued their partnerships with CD Baby. Greg Brown and Grant Lee Phillips are among musicianswho've dropped the old label system and run their own indie careers with the help of CD Baby. But which CD Baby artists will be the next to reach household name status? The Iceberg Tip Sheet below offers a quick round up of recent and upcoming releases distributed by CD Baby, showcasing breakthrough artists, as well as cult stars and up-and-comers.

06/10/14 Mary Gauthier, Trouble & Love

Acclaimed singer-songwriter Mary Gauthier has built her recording career with CD Baby and this new album is her first studio release in more than 4 years. The disc including her recording of "How You Learn to Live Alone," a co-write with Gretchen Peters for the hit ABC show Nashville (performed on the show by Jonathan Jackson of CD Baby artists Enation). Gauthier tours regularly, and the enduring quality and depth of her work has helped to build a strong, loyal fanbase, not only in America, but internationally.


06/17/14 Neal Morgan, Neal Morgan

The third solo album from Morgan, the drummer for Bill Callahan, Joanna Newsom, and Robin Pecknold, is intimate music for drum and voice that manages to catch the fine balance between challenging and irresistibly catchy. This time around, the lyrics to all the songs are spoken, rather than sung, giving everything a closeness and immediacy, like hearing stories whispered by a friend in a late-night conversation. Not only rewarding, it's also instantly memorable, and under the outward fragility, filled with strength.


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