VIDEO: Sneak Peek - Jack White Performs on PBS's AUSTIN CITY LIMITS

Austin City Limits (ACL) ushers in the new year and the second half of Season 38 with an unforgettable hour of rock and roll from Jack White. A rocker who knows how to push all the boundaries, White and his two, yes two, bands (the all-male Buzzards and the all-female Peacocks) blast through an hour of music without a setlist, ranging from high energy blues rock to melodic country. The episode airs Saturday, January 5, 2013 on PBS Stations. Get a sneak peek below!

Jack White performs songs from his acclaimed solo debut, Blunderbuss, recently nominated for three 2013 Grammy Awards for Album of the Year, Best Rock Album and Best Rock Song. Highlighting Blunderbuss, and also drawing from his previous work with his bands the White Stripes, the Raconteurs and Dead Weather, the performance is a masterful presentation of White's continuing evolution as contemporary rock's most charismatic provocateur. It's a visually and sonically spectacular episode of ACL, with White, bathed in blue light, flanked by his all-male band the Buzzards for the first half of the hour and then seamlessly switching bands in mid-set to his all-female band the Peacocks for the second half.

White and the Buzzards kick things off with the Grammy-nominated track "Freedom at 21". Picking up an acoustic guitar for the unreleased Hank Williams tune "You Know That I Know", White dedicates the song "to a girl up in Detroit who called the police on me one time." At the halfway point, the Buzzards leave the stage to be replaced by the Peacocks, launching into "Love Interruption", the single that heralded Blunderbuss' arrival. White roars through tracks from the various stages of his remarkable career, closing out the set with a Nashville spin on a few White Stripes classics. The episode marks Jack White's second appearance on ACL (the Raconteurs appeared in Season 32) and his first as a solo artist.

"Jack is at the top of his game," says ACL executive producer Terry Lickona. "The beauty of this show is its raw spontaneity. Nobody - from the director to the drummer - has a clue what Jack is going to do next. Hell, even Jack doesn't know. Sometimes he shifts gears in the middle of a song. It's one of the most unique episodes we've ever done, and that's saying a lot!"

VIDEO: Sneak Peek - Jack White Performs on PBS's AUSTIN CITY LIMITS

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