U2 360° Tour Ends July 30th, 2011: World's Most Iconic Stages To Go On Sale

U2 360° Tour Ends July 30th, 2011: World's Most Iconic Stages To Go On Sale

On July 30th, 2011 when the U2 360 stage is dismantled for the final time, the most successful concert tour of all time will have been seen by over 7 million fans. The world's most iconic stage will soon be available for sale. For additional on-line information, 3D renderings, size specifications please visit: www.panthermanagement.com/theclaw

Designed by Bono, Willie Williams and Mark Fisher, the massive stage structure is an industry first. Tried and tested at over 110 concerts in 78 cities in 30 countries, the in-the-round transportable structure was designed to support up to 185 tonnes and engineered to withstand high winds while sustaining seismic loads. While on tour, "the claw" carried a cylindrical video screen able to open to a size of 14,000 square feet and designed to provide fans with the best possible concert viewing experience ever. It was an overwhelming success.

Groundbreaking, load-bearing, unique, the legacy will live on as these custom built structures are put on sale world-wide as either a permanent or portable pavilion. These highly adaptable structures can be re-engineered and in fact recycled to become new multi-use and headline grabbing entertainment venues or facilities including amphitheatres, civic plazas, corporate pavilions, world expositions or world cup stages, or something as unique as a bio dome or conservation lab.

- As a music and entertainment venue, structure is able to provide a large covered stage area with or without wings and offers maximum load capacity for any event.
- At a world exposition or Olympic games, this is an attention grabbing high profile structure that also claims a unique piece of history.
- As an exhibition hall, the complex could be fitted with multiple floors with ceilings anywhere from 10 to 100 feet.
- As a plaza, the "claw" encompasses an area of 2,727 square meters (28,287 square feet) and would easily accommodate up to 2,800 people under cover.
- As a pre-built, engineered enclosure the structure is easily transportable, requires a very short
installation time frame, and has proven to be extremely rugged and dependable.

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