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The Butterfly Club Announces Upcoming Events

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The Butterfly Club has announced upcoming events. 

Highlights include:

- Circus Horrificus - In the mountains of Tasmania, lurks one of the world’s most truly idiotic clown troupes, Circus
Horrificus. Samora Squid & Bridget Bridge are renowned for their extreme slapstick & stunt-based physical-comedy skits that truly
test the durability of this unique pair of twits' bodies.

Sat 7th Jan at 9pm Tickets from $18 "A wicked way with a lyric and a glint of well-controlled mischief."

- Cat Commander is: Falling - Direct from a successful season at the 2011 Melbourne Fringe Festival, The Butterfly Club
proudly presents Cat Commander is: Falling, a one woman show with an acoustic soundtrack of love songs written in the
key of heartbreak. Cat Commander is drinking her way through the last memories that are left in the liquor cabinet while a
story of love, loss and heartbreak unfolds in 13 original songs.

Sun 8th Jan at 7pm and 9pm Tickets from $18

- MIDSUMMA - The Divine Miss Bette - Premier Event: this Midler Cabaret is like a snort of something expensive and
naughty. Bawdy, brash and just as glamorous as the original, Catherine Alcorn returns to The Butterfly Club for the
Midsumma Festival with her acclaimed show The Divine Miss Bette.

Thurs 19 to Sun 22 January and Thurs 25 to Sun 29 January, 9pm (8pm Sun) - Tickets from $23

- MIDSUMMA - Candice McQueen: NASTY - No secrets. No limits. No taboos. Candice McQueen is the creation of London
Cabaret tranny artist Spanky, who is widely known for his 7 year residency in East London's famous Bistrotheque. Spanky is
proud to be premiering his new work Candice McQueen: NASTY at Melbourne's fabulous The Butterfly Club.

Tues 31 Jan to Sun 5 February - 8pm Tues/Weds/Sun, 9pm Thurs/Fri/Sat - Tickets from $23

- Top Marx: The Ultimate Marx Brothers Revue show - A montage of the best and craziest routines by the Marx Brothers from their first classic cinematic debut "The Cocoanuts" to "A Day at the Races". Take a trip down memory lane with Groucho, Chico & Harpo (and who can forget a pretty blonde!) to the golden age of Hollywood. Unpredictable, zany and utterly hilarious.

7pm (12th to 14th Jan) - 6pm (15th Jan). 8pm (17th & 18th Jan) - Tickets from $18

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