Stream Guerilla Toss' New Album GAY DISCO; On Tour Now

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Stream Guerilla Toss' new album via Pitchfork Advance, on tour now
'Gay Disco' out Dec 10 via NNA Tapes. ALBUM STREAM: 'Gay Disco'.

Boston art-rock band Guerilla Toss are set to release their new album 'Gay Disco' on December 10 via experimental cassette/record label NNA Tapes (Oneohtrix Point Never, Ahnnu, Blanche Blanche Blanche, Co La, etc.) Preorder the album now.

Last month the band premiered the first taste of their upcoming album with the frenetic "Trash Bed." This week the group shares an exclusive stream of their upcoming album in its entirety via Pitchfork Advance.

Today marks the start of the band's two-week long East Coast tour with labelmates Blanche Blanche Blanche. Dates listed below.

Birthed from the depths of hippy-noise-punk-dungeon-slum-basements, Boston based rock outfit Guerilla Toss are a self proclaimed "blah wave" band that are serious like cocaine and silly like Ringo Starr. Considered to be a New England underground staple by the freaks and weirdos that inhabit the region, the band has released numerous recordings in the past two years on vinyl, cassette, and CD, on labels such as Feeding Tube Records, John Zorn's Tzadik, Sophomore Lounge, and Digitalis ltd. amongst others.

By touring relentlessly and providing their audience with an unforgettable live show (sometimes including full nudity, self mutilation, and acid test dance parties like none other), 'Gtoss' has garnered a cult following of fans.

Their newest record 'Gay Disco' is a concept album based around new wave and no wave dance music, extreme dementia, drug problems, and absurdist humor. However, in the midst of the chaos, it is clear that the compositions are well crafted and spout from the minds of educated individuals while avoiding the common esoteric pitfalls that could be associated with their sound. Kassie Carlson shrieks, rants, and raves like a cat in heat; guitarist Arian Shaifee shreds like Albert Ayler shooting his first speedball after rising out of the east river as a zombie, Simon Hanes plays bass like Bill Laswell if people still cared; Ian Kovac's synth lines are primitive, perfect, and wise; and Peter Negroponte's mutant drum set grooves like James Brown being rushed to the hospital on an ayahuasca overdose.

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