SXSW Music Coverage: Seiichi Daimo Folksy Mellow Sound

SXSW Music Coverage: Seiichi Daimo Folksy Mellow Sound

How did you get started in music?

I'm a singer/songwriter from New Jersey. I got into music as a very organic way of expressing myself. I grew up in San Diego, was born in Manhattan. I got to see both coasts and I like to put my perspective into song.

Who are your musical influences?

My musical influences are very vast just being a teen in New Jersey and listening to all the rock bands. I was in a rock band myself. Bands like Brand New, Taking Back Sunday were all when I was growing up. Now, everything from Dylan, Buddy Holly; I listen to a lot of female songwriters. I like how they write melodies. I kinda listen to everything and study everything. I just absorb.

What do you think your style of music is?

My style if you had to put it in a genre is folk. It wasn't intentional by any means. Writing songs for as long as I written them eventually, someone said, "Well, that's folk music." But what I hope people take away when they hear my music for the first time is that it's just a thing is that it's a genuine thing I do as an art form. I'm not trying to follow a formula, although I understand the formulas, but about real content, the real meaning of the songs.

And tell us about your new music.

I just had my first real work published the 25th of February, so coming right off of that release doing South By and a spring tour as well that we're doing. It's a four song EP and it was over a year in the making. It's something that we wanted to do right away and not just because the music's popular now. We did some nice little things and took our time with it.

And you are doing a spring tour?

The dates aren't announced yet but if they want to find out about the dates, they can go on my website and they can find the dates of the tour.

You can hear a sample of Seiichi's music here and check out his Facebook Page Seiichi Daimo Music as well.

PHOTO CREDIT: Kathy Strain

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