SXSW Music Coverage: Lime Cordiale from Australia Visit SXSW for the First Time

Driving for 20 hours is pretty hard. And I hate planes as well. At the same time it's so beautiful. Maybe for the first five or six hours then you get a bit sick of it. You've got 20 more to go. And meeting people. We just spent two weeks in Los Angeles to get our bearings and meet some family because our dad's whole side of the family is from San Diego and LA. Just spent time there and made friends and we ended up meeting a whole bunch of people in different bands and staying in a house in Bellaire with a band from Canada.

Do you two ever get tired of being with each other all the time?

Occasionally we have fights but they don't really last very long. We have an intense little fight that lasts 30 seconds and then we're over it. We don't tend to hold grudges. There's nothing you can do. It's your brother. It's easier to be nasty to each other and then get over it. With other people in the band you say something nasty and they hold it in, don't express themselves. We're used to it.

Do you have any advice for anyone who wants to be a musician like you guys?

Have something that you're happy with. A product. Do some recordings, do some shows. Then play as many shows as you can. And don't be afraid of selling yourself. I have one friend; I don't know anyone more talented, but he just doesn't put himself out there. He thinks that giving someone his CD is embarrassing or something. Learn how to be social and make friends. That's how it all starts. Our first shows were when we made friends with a band and they go, "Hey, you want to play with us?" You can't be too introverted. It gets you nowhere.

Where will you be after SXSW?

We're doing shows in California after SXSW from San Diego up to San Francisco. Santa Barbara, Santa Cruz, Los Angeles,

Check out Lime Cordiale's new music below and go to their website to learn more about this band and how you can purchase their latest EP.

PHOTO CREDIT: Kathy Strain

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