Pokey LaFarge, The White Stripes, Melvin & Charlie Patton All Out with New Releases

Pokey LaFarge, The White Stripes, Melvin & Charlie Patton All Out with New Releases

Friends, family, fans, and followers (known as the 4Fs in the "Biz") of Third Man can welcome a late summer/early September flurry of activity and releases beginning no sooner than... right now. Let's dive right in shall we?

Released Aug. 20th:

Pokey LaFarge - Central Time 7"

Yes, the very song Pokey played on his LATE SHOW WITH DAVID LETTERMAN last month. Pack up your portable record player and sit by the Ohio River blasting this gem of a tribute to living in the good ol' Midwest, featuring super snazzy artwork, and non-album B Side "St. Louis Crawl." Sitting at the crossroads of early jazz, country blues and western swing, these two homegrown tracks are enough to make any damn yankee, mountain man or California dream reconsider their stomping grounds.

King Tuff - Live at Third Man Records LP

At long last the Live at Third Man LP from hyper enigmatic rock n roll pop guitar god King Tuff hits the shelves. Recorded back on lucky Friday the13th of July, 2012, TMR is super excited to have this epic set as a part of the live series of records from Third Man available to and for the people. Check the shred-tastic groover "Just Strut" right here https://soundcloud.com/thirdmanrecords/king-tuff-just-strut-live-at and now and try and tell us it doesn't make you wanna spray paint "Tuff Enough" on your locker and then kick flip off the back of an AMC Ambassador and skate off into nighttime oblivion... Get your live vinyl now and get revved up for the mighty King Tuff headed out on tour starting next September. Check all the dates at: http://www.kingtuffworld.com/shows/