PROXY: 'Who Are You?' EP Out Now on Dim Mak Records

PROXY: 'Who Are You?' EP Out Now on Dim Mak Records

The audio onslaught continues with the WHO ARE YOU? EP, the latest release from world-renowned Russian producer PROXY out now on Dim Mak Records in North America and on Turbo Recordings internationally. The WHO ARE YOU? EP continues the saga of PROXY's MUSIC FROM THE EASTBLOCK JUNGLES series, his two-part debut album out now, and features the title track along with remixes from buzzing producers/DJs Pilo, Attaque, Trumpdisco and The Sneekers.

The EP kicks off with PROXY's "Who Are You (770EQ)" from MUSIC FROM THE EASTBLOCK JUNGLES PART II. Earlier this month, PROXY teamed up with MTV Hive to premiere the WHO ARE YOU? EP in full. SaysSteven Aguiar of the track, "Here, Proxy's up-tempo title track is carried by an alternating kick-snare and an adrenalizing low-end chomp, the female sample in between drops reinforcing the song's bad-ass attitude."

Los Angeles' PILO continues the chaos with his remix, bringing a deep bass barrage of hard house, whileEssex-based producer Attaque slices through a vast concrete jungle with his reworked version. Australian duo Trumpdisco goes full throttle on their electro-smashing revision and Lithuanian electronic music duo The Sneekers closes out the EP with their space odyssey-inspired take on the track.

Earlier this year, PROXY released the MUSIC FROM THE EASTBLOCK JUNGLES series in two parts to critical acclaim. The album, a dark reflection of PROXY's grim and oppressive world, harnesses the spirit of pure electronic music culture and showcases the prolific underground dance floor-czar's wide-ranging body of work. The MUSIC FROM THE EASTBLOCK JUNGLES series is the product of an artist who forged a sound in complete isolation with visa problems leading him to entrench himself in the middle of nowhere in his nativeRussia, continuing in the U.K. rave tradition of his Essex-spawned idols, The Prodigy. The disparate pieces ofMUSIC FROM THE EASTBLOCK JUNGLES converge into a monolithic nation-statement, one worthy of one of the most talented producers of his generation.

The complete track listing for the WHO ARE YOU? EP is as follows:

  1. Who Are You? (770 EQ)
  2. Who Are You? (Pilo Remix)
  3. Who Are You? (Attaque Remix)
  4. Who Are You? (Trumpdisco Remix)
  5. Who Are You? (The Sneekers Remix)

The WHO ARE YOU? EP is available now at iTunes ( and Beatport (