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New Promo For GLEE's 'City Of Angels' Featuring Skylar Astin

New Promo For GLEE's 'City Of Angels' Featuring Skylar AstinA new promotional spot for this week's episode of FOX's hit musical dramedy series Glee titled "City Of Angels" featuring upcoming guest star, SPRING AWAKENING and PITCH PERFECT alum Skylar Astin, is now available to view.

The official description of GLEE's "City Of Angels" is as follows: "The gleeks travel west to Los Angeles for Nationals, dedicating their performance in the all-important competition to Finn's memory. Once in L.A. and following the requisite sightseeing, New Directions meet their main competition, the cutting edge "Throat Explosion." As Blaine is most familiar with the stellar reputation of the revolutionary show choir and its intimidating and enigmatic star, Jean-Baptiste, ND's de facto leader is the first to fall victim to their opponent's psychological warfare. Heeding Will's advice, Sam steps up to rally the troops. While a seemingly able leader in his own right, Sam's greatest asset - his infectious optimism - is threatened when one of his lucky charms goes missing. Meanwhile, chaperones Burt and Carole offer inspirational words on their late son's behalf, and look forward to sharing the experience of Nationals with Finn's friends in the hopes it will bring back fond memories of their son... but their recent and devastating loss may still prove to be too painful. And when Ryder learns that a deflated Marley has given up on songwriting and has decided to quit Glee club for good, he and Jake enlist the help of a former gleek who has had plenty of experience with adversity."

More information on Glee is available at the official site here.

Additionally, the highly anticipated 100th episode airs on March 18.

View the new promo for GLEE's "City Of Angels" below.

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