Natalia Zukerman Debuts New Single On Huffington Post, Album Out 9/16

Natalia Zukerman Debuts New Single On Huffington Post, Album Out 9/16

Brooklyn-based singer/songwriter Natalia Zukerman returns with her sixth studio album Come Thief, Come Fire, out September 16th on Talisman Records. The follow up to 2011's Gas Station Roses, which No Depression called "a rare treat," Zukerman's latest offering expands on her craft, while seeing her explore new sonic territories, and all the while delivering her most immediate, heartfelt and compelling release to date.

Today, the Huffington Post debuted the new single "Courage To Change," which also is the lead track to the new album.

"The song talks about change, of course, but it talks about the slowness of it," writes Zukerman, "The time it can take, the familiarity with the dark passages we have to walk down in order to get to the next place. Sometimes it feels like we aren't moving at all and as a culture, we like things to happen immediately. But I hope the listener will approach this path with compassion and a deeper look at the ways we walk through this world. Sometimes we need to close our eyes and walk in the dark in order to find our path again." Listen To "Courage To Change" now.

The new album Come Thief, Come Fire initially began as two separate EPs - one raw, acoustic and stripped-down and the other lush and cinematic - but it soon morphed into a single album, anchored by the concept of fire as both destroyer and generator. In its elemental form, fire leaves wreckage where once there was order and harmony; however, it also serves the purpose of providing space for new growth in the wake of devastation.

""It's this paradox that I really wanted to explore musically and lyrically on Come Thief, Come Fire," writes Zukerman. "'Courage To Change' really felt like the perfect introduction to that dialogue to me. These two songs represent the sonic development of this record - the way that an underpainting provides the armature for the completed canvas, we used elements of the more stripped-down songs to build the sonic world that the more produced songs live in. Luckily, I think the songs stand on their own individually but when put together, there is a world that is created. My hope is that people get lost inside of this world. And then find things they didn't even know they were missing."

Come Thief, Come Fire
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1. Courage To Change
2. Jane Avril
3. Bucket
4. I Don't Feel It Anymore
5. The Hunter
6. Come Thief
7. One Of Us
8. What Comes After
9. The Light Is Gone
10. Give
11. Hero
12. Please Don't

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