Nashville Rocker Rich Lynch Debuts New Song

Nashville Rocker Rich Lynch Debuts New SongNashville rocker Rich Lynch returns in 2016 with his latest digital release "Shoot For the Stars" that finds the singer going after his dreams while advising listeners to do the same.

"We recently moved to Nashville, Tennessee, after a lifetime in New Jersey," says the musician about his recent bold leap into the unknown. "The song is about going after your dreams and having total faith in their fulfillment. This is where musical dreams come true so we decided to shoot for the stars in Music City."

The four-minute and fifty eight second track was inspired by a popular television show earlier in the decade.

"In 2007, American Idol sponsored their first songwriting contest," Lynch recalled. "They asked for a song that would encapsulate their contestant's journey to the winner's circle and their website at the time had a little rocket ship and stars emblazoned all over the page."

"Based on the information provided from the American Idol contest the lyrics were completed in 10 minutes time," Lynch supplied. "Although I didn't win I came away with a song and a message that I was quite happy with."

One of the recurring themes in the Rich Lynch track is that of taking flight and conquering challenges. The first and second verse pay tribute to legendary explorers like the Wright Brothers and the Apollo astronauts who overcame many challenges to begin their ascent into the heavens.

"It's really a tale to two journeys," said Lynch. "First, my own personal attempt to go after my dreams is documented in the song. Then there is a more universal message that applies to those with ears to hear it."

In fact the concept of "The Universe" is also widely represented in the recently completed track.