Melbourne's Woollen Kits to Release FOUR GIRLS, 11/13

October 26
9:30 2012

Melbourne's Woollen Kits to Release FOUR GIRLS, 11/13

Melbourne trio Woollen Kits announce the release of Four Girls, due out on November 13 via Trouble In Mind - and premiere "Susannah" on Impose.

Meet Tom Hardisty, Tom Ridgewell and Leon Applebee, who accumulate everything you love about the kiwi indies, cool NYC cats from the 60s and the late 70s revolts of independence in our premiere of their new song "Susannah"...Between the saxophone song breaths, Woollen Kits take on the dead pan too-cool deliveries and angular riffs that are hard to convey but are the reason why we love all our favorite indie groups in the first place

Australia is in a full-on rock & roll renaissance right now and charging to the front of the pack is Woollen Kits. Trouble in Mind will co-release the Four Girls LP with Sydney-based label RIP Society.

Australia is in a full-on rock & roll renaissance right now & charging to the front of the pack is Melbourne’s Woollen Kits! “Four Girls” is the follow up to their self-titled debut LP on RIP Society and a continuation of the greatness of their TIM debut 7” from summer 2012. The new album finds the band in tip-top form; confident and assured, with a suite of their best tunes to date. Songs herein deal with underlying longing or fantasy with individual truths and being fed up with people’s phoney concepts and ideals (which, guitarist Tom H says: “in an effort to make themselves feel more deep and interesting to people, are actually creating a barrier between themselves and everyone else by only relating to others on a very one dimensional level”). But despite this frustration or sense of loss, there’s usually (usually) a positive spin on these themes. “Cheryl” is a definite standout on the album and offers listeners some of the truest lyrics ever put to song with “When you look good, you know you feel good, and when you feel good, you get shit done.” “Susannah” is another instant head-bopper with its happy-tappy VU guitar strum and horn interplay. Tom, Tom and Leon have taken the two disparate voices of their debut album and forged a united delivery emphasizing the best of both songwriter’s strengths. It’s got the swagger and jangle of classic Flying Nun and the simplicity and directness of Beat Happening with a dash of late-80s underground rock. The U.S. edition on Trouble in Mind is pressed on 150-gram mixed vinyl & includes a download code.

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