Megan Landry's 'Dancing in The Dark' Tops BEAT100 Originals Music Video Chart

The Young singer faced an extremely difficult time during her younger years, and found Shelter through her music. "A major influence would have to be P!nk. The only healthy escape I had was her songs," says Jen. "I really hope one day I can create that escape for someone with my songs." Along with her passion for P!nk, Jen was also influenced by her own vocal coach, Barbara DeAngelis, and her husband Tulane DeAngelis. "Barbara and Tulane shaped me into the singer I am today," explained Jen. "I stayed under Barbara's coaching until she passed in 2011. She keeps me inspired to pursue a career in music." Jen plans to release several more original songs and wants to play at various venues and private events where her fans can see her live.

Italy based alternative-rock band, Nevrastena, placed third in the BEAT100 Originals Music Video Chart with their track, "Il Risveglio", which translates to "The Awakening". The band's high quality entry received a BEAT100 Gold Song Award, Gold Favourite Award and Silver Video Award, resulting in several bonus votes giving them an excellent head start. Nevrastena received over 2,000 votes on their upload, along with approximately 10,000 views and 1,000 video comments. "Our experience on BEAT100 has been amazing," says Alessandro. "We were surprised to find our name on newspapers and radios and our chart position has really benefitted us in our country, as well as worldwide." Nevrastena's BEAT100 upload is a preview of their upcoming album, "Il Risveglio", which will be released in March 2013.

The talented three-piece band is made up of Alessandro D'Agostino (vocals), Edgar Laini (guitarist) and Gabriele Comito (drums). Nevrastena have worked for the opportunities to play at large and well-known venues, such as 'Rolling Stone' in Milan, 'Arena Live' in Switzerland and 'Bloom' in Mezzago. The alternative-rock ban proceeded to win the title of "Best Emerging Group in Italy" in 2006 at a national contest called, "Asparago d'Oro". "I think that all of us have a real need to express ourselves through music," says Alessandro. "We have a dream and will continue to do our best to make it come true!"

Kelly Donovan