MARGOT & THE NUCLEAR SO AND SO'S to Release 'Sling Shot to Heaven' 4/22

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MARGOT & THE NUCLEAR SO AND SO'S Release 'Sling Shot to Heaven' TodayMARGOT & THE NUCLEAR SO AND SO'S Release 'Sling Shot to Heaven' Today
April 22, 2014
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MARGOT & THE NUCLEAR SO AND SO'S to Release 'Sling Shot to Heaven' 4/22

Today Paste premiered the video "Hello, San Francisco," the first single off of Margot & The Nuclear So and So's upcoming LP,Sling Shot to Heaven. Watch the video HERE on Paste or share HERE on Vimeo. Of the album, Paste says "it's an LP that reflects the band's evolution without losing their signature rock sound." The band also unveiled the album cover for the upcoming LP and added dates to their nationwide tour starting in April. See below for details.

The video is part of a larger project, Tell Me More About Evil, which was "shot on 10 reels of Kodak 16mm film." The film "is a visual, alternate version of the new album consisting of stripped down performances and field recordings from an old La Blogotheque session a few years back. The 45-minute film was initially screened to two-sold out audiences at Cinema Borealis in Chicago, and is available to pre-order on DVD via the band's website. A vinyl edition of the film soundtrack is also in the works for a release later this year."

Sling Shot to Heaven is the fifth studio album from the band and is set for release on Mariel Recording Company April 22. Esquire said of "Hello, San Francisco," "Musically, they've smoothed out their already polished sound, bridging the gap between their swirling rock roots and grownup dad rock-but more forgiving, with softer edges and less jamming."

The album was recorded in the studio that the band built a decade ago with the advance received from their debut album, The Dust of Retreat. The entirety of the new release was recorded on 2" tape and produced by the band. Consistent with their successful approach of self-releasing music since 2008's Animal! / Not Animal (Epic), Sling Shot to Heaven will be released on the band's own label, Mariel Recording Company. Edwards' goal for the band's fifth album was to "make a record that came across like a sci-fi dream about my decade of touring and making records obsessively while slowly becoming an adult, or at least something vaguely resembling one."

Margot & The Nuclear So and So's formed in Indianapolis in 2004 as an umbrella under which a rotating group of friends could come together to record Edwards' vast array of songs. They still travel in the black United school bus that they bought with that first advance and converted into a mobile home, complete with nine very hard wooden bunks. They remain as prolific as ever, recording an album a year since starting Mariel Recording Company in 2010, as well as releasing three 7"s, an EP, and three vinyl re-issues during the same span of time. The band members currently reside in Chicago and Indianapolis.

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