Lee Feldman Plays House Concert In Brooklyn 9/12

Lee Feldman Plays House Concert In Brooklyn 9/12

Lee Feldman is playing at a House Concert in Brooklyn this Sunday (9/12) as part of the Live In Your Living Room NYC Festival, a production of a Dutch international house concert network. House concerts are usually civil and old-fashioned.

12 September 2010 (3 pm)
Helen Engelhardt
805 E. 21 Street Brooklyn NY 11210
NYC-act: Lee Feldman
Dutch acts: Signe Tollefsen ("Amazing" - Katy Noone, BBC Raw Talent) and The Woodwards (finalist Grand Prize of The Netherlands, 2008)



After the successful first edition in 2009, Dutch international house concert network 'Live in Your Living Room' heads off for New York again, with the second edition of the Live in Your Living Room NYC Festival, from the 10th until the 19th of September 2010. The festival introduces two of
the most exciting upcoming Dutch talents alongside celebrated acts from NYC, such as Pat DiNizio, Lee Feldman, Reni Lane and Mary Bragg.

The festival creates through a platform for intensive promotional and networking possibilities a stepping stone for future activities in the US for these Dutch artists, and will hopefully lead to possibilities for the American artists in Europe also. Each year, the festival will offer different Dutch acts an opportunity to present themselves in New York City at a series of concerts. Out of the many applications for this second edition, Live in Your Living Room has chosen two acts: Signe Tollefsen ("Amazing" - Katy Noone, BBC Raw Talent) and The Woodwards (finalist Grand Prize of The Netherlands, 2008).

For a Dutch act in the alternative popmusic scene it is difficult to arrange gigs in New York City and to make sure that these gigs are well attended. The house concerts of Live in Your Living Room aim at tackling these problems by using an established network of hosts and through pairing the
visiting Dutch acts with established acts from NYC, each having its own fanbase and network. To further expose the Dutch acts to the New York music scene, a number of concerts of the Live in Your Living Room NYC Festival are located at the smaller venues in New York City. This year, the concert at the famous Chelsea Hotel is probably most noteworthy. This concert promises to be a
special one, with the appearance of NYC-act Pat DiNizio, frontman of the legendary The Smithereens.

NYC-NL connection
- - - - - - - - -
With the Live in Your Living Room NYC Festival, Live in Your Living Room
aims at supporting collaboration between NYC and The Netherlands. In only
two years it has established a strong NYC-NL connection with the
participation of acts, venues, promoters and record labels. Live in Your
Living Room aims at the mutual introduction of music from the alternative
indie scene and market on both sides.

In the slip stream of the Festival, Live in Your Living Room this year
starts with actively promoting a few acts to wider range of contacts in NYC,
with the aim of attracting the attention of venues and record companies. At
the same time, for the NYC-acts The Netherlands can be a great start for
entering Europe and touring there. This connection is available due to last
year's efforts which presented acts from both sides of the ocean
opportunities to perform, and to be promoted, abroad.

High profile of participating NYC-acts

In total there will be 10 NYC-acts participating in this year's edition of
the Live in Your Living Room NYC Festival.
A short description: 'Holding Back Entirely' is a young alternative band
from NYC, who have played every important venue in NYC. "Lee Feldman brings
to mind the classic early work of Randy Newman both in terms of timeless
songcrafting and ambitious arranging. The often haunting Living It All Wrong
gets most everything right." - Rolling Stone
CMJ Online states that we have to keep in mind how long it took for people
to figure out the greatness of Tom Waits and Randy Newman, keeping an eye on