Katey Laurel Releases Official Fan Photo Music Video

Katey Laurel Releases Official Fan Photo Music VideoPop/folk singer-songwriter Katey Laurel is proud to announce the release of her second single from her third full-length studio album Periscope on November 11, 2014. The new single "Battlesong" is a moving ballad that tells the story of a war-weary soldier heading home to rest.

Katey has included and involved veterans in her "Battlesong" project by inviting them to submit their photos to be honored in the official music video. The fan photo music video features these veterans, and is a fitting celebration of our servicemen and women, Veterans Day and the release of the single.

One former Blackhawk helicopter pilot stated that the song captures the feeling of our military personnel longing for home as well as anyone could who hasn't been in their shoes. "Battlesong" is currently available as a download from iTunes and www.kateylaurel.com, and the official music video is available via Katey's YouTube channel at www.youtube.com/kateylaurel.

Katey also performs a special concert at St Paul's United Methodist Church in Denver on Sunday, November 11th to raise support for Denver's homeless, and all veterans and their families were invited to be the guests of honor free of charge.

Produced by Warren Huart (The Fray, Aerosmith), Periscope represents Katey's most poignant and mature work to date. Combining thought-provoking lyricism with radio-friendly hooks, the record explores the dichotomy and tension in which most humans live. Katey describes Periscope as both a light and dark album. "I chose this collection of songs because they represent some picture of the struggle and the hope that is life."