KISS' Paul Stanley Feels Closely Connected to THE PHANTOM OF THE OPERA

KISS' Paul Stanley Feels Closely Connected to THE PHANTOM OF THE OPERA

Paul Stanley, KISS frontman, just finished working on his autobiography, Face the Music: A Life Exposed. In an interview with The Wall Street Journal, Stanley gave a preview of some of the topics discussed in his book. The most striking one is the fact that he feels a strong connection with The Phantom of the Opera.

He said, "Here's somebody who has a disfigurement that they're covering and they're trying to reach out to a woman and, as much as they want to do it, they don't know how. Well, that pretty much summed up my life, you know. Only I wasn't living in a dungeon under an opera house."

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Stanley was born with a congenital deformity that left him deaf in one ear. He recalled, "I was an angry, dysfunctional kid with a real image problem and a hearing problem that put me under constant scrutiny. Growing my hair was the start of covering it up."

With his book, Stanley hopes to show that you can overcome the obstacles given to you. According to him, "This isn't a Kiss book. This is really a book about my life. I was steadfastly against the idea of doing it for decades, because the great George Orwell once said that the autobiography is the most outrageous form of fiction. But I realized it could be inspiring to people."

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