KIMBRA to Release New Song '90's Music' Across All Digital Platforms Today

KIMBRA to Release New Song '90's Music' Across All Digital Platforms Today

Grammy-Award winning pop singer Kimbra will release a brand-new song, entitled "90s Music," via all digital retailers today. The track is the first music from the New Zealand native's upcoming second album, The Golden Echo, which will be released by Warner Bros. Records in August.

Slate has already called "90s Music" "an incredibly ambitious, impressive mix of genres" with its pop melodies, stop-start tempo, and spare hip-hop beat. The lyrics are an homage to Kimbra's favorite '90s tunes, name-checking R&B radio favorites of the decade like TLC and Mary J. Blige.

"90s Music" embraces so many things I like to explore musically," Kimbra says. "I am always attracted to the meeting place of light and dark, sweet and sour - the juxtaposition of angular sounds and head-crushing distorted elements sitting alongside a breathy bubblegum vocal. Instead of making the track a throwback musically, I wanted it to feel like a nod to the past from a futurist perspective."

"90s Music" was produced by Kimbra, Rich Costey (who has worked with Foster The People, Interpol, Muse, and many others) and Major Dudes (comprising of Timon Martin & Stevie Cat Junior who also play in Kimbra's band and appear on the song). While in the studio, Rich sent a version of the song to Muse's Matt Bellamy to see what he thought. "The next morning Matt had sent back an obnoxious detuned guitar part for the pre-chorus," Kimbra says. "We loved it and dropped it straight into the mix". Mark Foster (Foster The People) also jumped on the song during the chorus, adding another dimension to the varied palette of sounds.

Lyrically, "90s Music" celebrates Kimbra's affection for an era she associates with growing up and young love. "It talks about sharing music as a kid and falling in love to a soundtrack of TLC, Mariah, Nirvana, and Michael Jackson, then slowly growing up and away from that period of time," she explains. "There is an undertone of yearning for a return to that place, but it's also about an acceptance of time passing and that although things have changed, the music and the memories live on. Nostalgia is a common theme for me. I have a strong connection to my teenage years so I wanted to capture that boisterous playful energy with this song."