Julian Fleisher to Release FINALLY, 5/13

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Julian Fleisher to Release FINALLY, 5/13

New York City's favorite multi-hypenate, Julian Fleisher, is Finally done with his new album and he's ready for the world to hear it. On May 13, 2014 Julian will release Finally on Modern Records and he's partnered up with Out Magazine to premiere his first single, the album's title track and also the song that means the most to Julian. Of the song, he says, "I think I wrote 'Finally' when a friend was over for lunch when I was sick. While we chatted, I had the guitar under my arm and I was absentmindedly picking away as we talked." He goes on, "I couldn't begin to tell you what we discussed, but by the time lunch was over, the song was halfway done. Written while flying on Robitussin, espresso, chicken soup and Advil." Julian will be celebrating the release of Finally with an album release show at Joe's Pub on May 14, 2014.

The 10-track album was written and produced by Julian and follows his critically acclaimed Rather Big album. Finally is a bit more understated, but still includes the Julian flair and voice that fans and critics love. The album was recorded in NY and includes 8 original tracks and 2 covers for good measure. It also features Julian's longtime collaborators Tedd Firth, Nick Mancini, Pete Smith, Matt Clohesy, Chris Michael and Tom Murray. Finally takes listeners on a more intimiate, personal journey on which the writing is the focus. Shedding his usually brainy covers and full-tilt horn arrangements that so characterized Rather Big, this new album puts the focus on Julian as a writer, a craft he's been developing more and more over the last few years. That's not to say he doesn't give a nod to his well known material on Finally. Just check out his incredibly fun cover of the classic "Tomorrow" from Annie which closes out the album.

When asked how he felt about moving away from his well-known sound, Julian says, "No question, it feels like a rise to me." He goes on, "Naturally, I wonder what folks will make of a recording that's more intimate and less showy than my old stuff. But, the truth is, people have always responded intensely to my own tunes and many of them were written without my Rather Big Band in mind. I've kept my rhythm section, of course. I mean, you would too if yours could play like mine does. But I asked them to tone down their insane virtuosity and to turn their talents to simpler gestures and more direct statements. The results, I think, are amazing. As is often the case, when you put restrictions on talent like that, you discover a world of new ideas that are as compelling as they are surprising."

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