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Josh Groban Talks YoungArts MasterClass HBO Documentary

Josh Groban Talks YoungArts MasterClass HBO DocumentaryInternationally celebrated recording artist and performer Josh Groban discusses the new HBO YoungArts MasterClass documentary Josh Groban: SING YOUR SONG, focusing on his mentorship of some young musicians and singers as part of a new interview.

Approaching the idea of mentoring young students and how they viewed him, Groban candidly reveals, "I was terrified. We were both identically nervous."

Furthermore, Groban says of his approach, "[T]here is a feeling of, 'I'm not gonna pretend to make this anything that I'm not yet.' I have so much left to learn, and as a student of this, maybe I can come at it from that angle and we can learn from this together."

Additionally, Groban says of the appreciable and understandable elements of naivete he witnessed in his young students, "It's like artistic puppy paws. There's all this natural ability and this wide-eyed wonderment for what's next. And the fear, which doesn't go away. I remember when I was that age - gosh, I'm not even sure I would have handled what I threw at them with the same calmness that they... appeared to, at least."

Groban concludes, "When I see their interviews now, I see that they were freaking out!"

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