James Carson and Lyndon Rochelle to Play Rockwood Music Hall, 2/1

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James Carson and Lyndon Rochelle to Play Rockwood Music Hall, 2/1

Rockwood Music Hall welcomes back pianist James Carson and drummer Lyndon Rochelle (Esperanza Spalding) on Friday, February 1, 2013 at 7pm. After filming the Finale of Carson's documentary Cabin Music at their last outing there together this past December, the pair returns to deliver the incomparable synergy of Carson's shimmering piano effects with Rochelle's entrancing hip-hop beats. Expect incredible energy and an eclectic blend of masterly improvisation and pianistic and percussive virtuosity.

The concert will take place on Friday, February 1st at 7pm at Rockwood Music Hall, 196 Allen Street, New York City. Call 212-477-4155 or visit for more information. Admission: Free. Subways: F to Second Avenue; F/J/M/Z to Delancey Street/Essex Street; 6 to Bleecker Street.

James Carson, Pianist: Canadian-American pianist James Carson has developed a strikingly new genre of music - a pristine sonority that mirrors the splendor of the natural world - and he is ready to share it with listeners around the globe. In 2003, while studying with artistic masters such as Bob Moses, Robert Creeley, Joe Maneri, and Cecil Taylor at the New England Conservatory, James was struck by a spiritual epiphany in which he heard a new form of piano music in his head. It was unplayable for him at the time so he set out on a quest of personal development to be able to achieve it. James subsequently spent two years backpacking solo overland from Spain to Japan and then spent five years designing, building, and practicing in a strawbale studio-cabin in rural Northern Alberta. The musical result was a blindingly fast stream of shimmering notes that was also meditative and harmonious, akin to all of the leaves of a forest dancing in a single breeze. Satisfied that his musical vision had come into being, James moved to New York in 2010 and has been teaching and touring in India via the Swarnabhoomi Academy of Music, working as a web designer in New York, and quietly collaborating with numerous artists on Cabin Music, a feature film about his life, music, and vision that will be released later this year. James and Lyndon met in India and have been playing together ever since.

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