JARS OF CLAY Frontman Dan Haseltine Takes to Twitter in Support of Gay Marriage

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JARS OF CLAY Frontman Dan Haseltine Takes to Twitter in Support of Gay Marriage

When it comes to discussing politics and religion it is a general fact of life that someone will always be offended. In an America where political party lines are what define a person and their interests, and the only thing Congress can seem to agree on is that they love House of Cards, it is refreshing to see that a conservative religious musician is not letting party politics stop him from speaking his mind.

The fact that the media (myself included) feel it necessary to report when a religious conservative agrees with his political counterparts when it comes to social issues means that there is still work to be done to unite those who are threw with the way government can not handle the plea for bi-partisanship.

Now, whether you agree with Dan Haseltine's tweets or not isn't the issue. The point is that we, as Americans - who hopefully vote in every election... - can find it surprising that all politics and issues aren't completely one sided. I'm sure someone from the left will call him "enlightened" while someone from the right will ask him how he can stand for his politics when it goes against the common belief held within the majority of his religion; but I will ask you lovely readers to disregard everything the media will say about his commentary.

Haseltine, who is the front man for Jars of Clay, a Christian folk band, took to twitter to comment on his own politics. He is also the founder of a non-profit, Blood: Water Mission. The original article is per GLAAD, but most of the content are tweets with the highlights below. Dan also took to his personal blog after his tweeting to talk more about why he felt the issue needed to be discussed (this time in more than 140 characters).

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