Grammy Award Winning THE FLAMINGOS Launch Diamond Anniversary Tour 2013 CD

January 25
9:51 2013

Grammy Award Winning THE FLAMINGOS Launch Diamond Anniversary Tour 2013 CD

Grammy Award Winning Terry Johnson" href="">The Flamingos Starring Terry Johnson, aka the "Ambassadors for Romance"- herald the return of passion to radio airwaves Worldwide as Musik Radio and Musik and Film Inc. launch into airplay "The Diamond Anniversary Tour 2013" CD. With a fresh new sound Hollywood, FL based Rock n' Roll Hall of Famers The Flamingos debut their latest CD to Worldwide radio through the promotions of Musik Radio in association with Musik and Film Inc.Radio launch is scheduled to commence January 23, 2013.

When Cupid aimed his quiver of arrows at the music world, he inherently struck the hearts and voices of Terry Johnson and the newest members of The Flamingos. As unerring as the flight of those arrows, is the steady, rich flow of the music of love and romance from The Flamingos, Cupid's Terry Johnson" href="">"Ambassadors for Romance". Proof the cherubic archer hit his mark, is the latest album, produced by Terry Johnson and Theresa Trigg.

Falling in love can start with a shared melody that one day becomes "our song." The music of love and romance so evocatively delivered by this new album from The Flamingos has exactly that kind of power and persuasion. Released by Hot Fun Records, Musik Radio will be promoting the new CD to over 27,000 radio stations and 40,000 with syndication worldwide. From the opening track, written and performed by Grammy Hall Of Fame Award honoree Terry Johnson, the listener is transported to a place and time separate from the daily details of ordinary life. Captivated by the richness of harmony interwoven into a musical tapestry you lose yourself. Dreamily sighing, one finds a hum tickling the back of your throat as you notice you are smiling and singing along hypnotized into an altered state. You've been romanced into the mood so aptly perfected by this impeccably produced new CD. In addition to being a gifted singer and performer, Johnson is a highly acclaimed producer. He was Musical and Vocal Arranger for The Flamingos during the magical time of the Grammy award win for their song Terry Johnson" href="">,"I Only Have Eyes For You". Starling Newsome and Stan Prinston join Terry on vocals presenting the listener with an audible Example of the beauty of unity.


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