GABBY HAYNES to Release Three-Song Single, 2/14

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Butthole Surfers legend Gibby Haynes, Jack White and Third Man's Ben Swank want to be your valentine.

So instead of something lame and predictable as flowers or chocolate, they're comin' a-callin' with the latest installment in Third Man's Blue Series (TMR 179), a three-song single featuring the two originals "You Don't Have To Be Smart" and "Horse Named George," and a cover of Adrenalin OD's "Paul's Not Home," a lost classic (cough cough... ahem) that originally appeared on the 1982 New York Thrash compilation alongside the first ever recorded material by Beastie Boys and some of the earliest known recordings by Bad Brains, Kraut and others.

The limited edition component of this single will be another first for Third Man Records: a FLEX-RAY.

A very limited number of copies of this single pressed on old medical x-rays will be sold exclusively from the Third Man Records Rolling Record Store at next month's South By Southwest free for all in the Butthole Surfers' old stomping ground of Austin.

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